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In The Wild

I recently ran into a guy that I work with outside of work. No big deal, but kind of. I’m used to him being a complete psycho, like in a good way, like me, but he was with his family. His pregnant wife, his son and his daughter. It was mind blowing. I just could not compute this version of him.

It reminded me of when I used to bartend and the male regulars’ wives or girlfriends would come in and I would have to watch what I say and they would be all weird.

When I saw my co-worker the next day I told him I didn’t know how I was supposed to be with the family guy version of him. He said he is the same way at home that he is at work.

I don’t know. I’m guessing he’s not freely throwing around the word cunt at home, oh wait that’s me.

But, I’m sure he is definitely not talking about sexual content, well maybe, I mean his wife is pregnant.

Perhaps I am the problem, maybe my years of working with mentally ill and sociopathic people in the bars has made me hesitant in normal interactions. Or perhaps it is just better I keep my mouth shut in a  family friendly environment.


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Solipsism Anyone?

I have never worked in such a toxic environment. The most frightening part of these sociopaths is their complete egocentrism. They only care about how things will benefit them. Now, normally this may be mildly insane to deal with so many people having this horrible trait, but it is amplified in that the company culture is all about family and having one another’s back.

I am far too old to deal with this level of self-centeredness and evil bitchiness. I didn’t play this shit twenty years ago and I’m sure as heck not going to stand for it now. The me-me-me attitude in the entire corporation is beyond appalling. This is probably the most hostile and uncomfortable place I have ever worked.

I am still trying to wrap my head around how awful these people are. I worked in a bar for four years, trust me, I’ve encountered some crazy, sociopathic, selfish assholes, but at least I could drink there or tell those cunts to fuck off. I can’t do either in this situation. Though perhaps, that would make me far more happy.

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This Might Be It

Today may be it. I submitted a nicely worded letter to my superior in an airing of grievances.

Since all of my cries for help have fallen on deaf ears, perhaps the documentation will light a fire.

Though this could absolutely backfire. I kind of don’t care. At least I got it off my chest.

So could be unemployment line in my future, but in Trump’s economy, I figure I’ll bounce back quickly.

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I am really at my wits’ end with this job of mine. I always joke that I will pull out my box cutter when I don’t want to do something. However, this is just a veiled threat.

I wonder if actually did pull out the box cutter if anybody would notice and if  they did, how long would it take them to realize?

I’m not going to, but I do fantasize about it. It’s my only way to escape. Yes, this may seem drastic, but I do look for other job options. As soon as my ship comes in, I’m out of this hellhole.

Until then, let me enjoy my sweet dreams.

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What A Question

The best question I was asked at work today was, “Do you know how to spell gonorrhea?”

Thank God for two people that work with me that keep me sane.

Bless them for being complete nincompoops.

Yes, they are males, white and straight, the perfect trifecta for not giving a darn and I applaud it.

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