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I Don’t Think It’s For Me

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I returned to work yesterday after a week of vacation

I must admit, I’m not meant to work. I’m better than working.

Some people really thrive in working conditions, I’m not one of them.

I really need to bite the bullet and pull of the Anna Nicole dream, really old, really rich, really dead.

The trifecta!

I would love to win it through gambling, but that will never happen. The Anna Nicole method is far more feasible.

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Back By Popular Demand


I’m back. Vacation is over. Here is a slideshow of all my fun times from Summer Vacation 2014. Oh the memories.

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WIDOMSV: Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin NetanyahuYesterday was perhaps my favorite get together of the entire vacation. The very handsome Benjamin Netanyahu spent some limited time with me while the fighting in Gaza continues but before Shabbat. We talked about how interesting the perception of Israel has changed and that people are siding with Hamas. I told him that these are people who are ill informed. Israel has no problem with Palestinians, only Hamas and how dumb the general public is because I’ve never heard of another country dropping leaflets saying that they will be performing raids in that area the next day and to evacuate. I went on to say that every single country has dropped shit on other countries when warring and I don’t recall any sort of head’s up to the people. Unreal. Not to mention that the only reason the Palestinians are bitter really is because they voted in a terrorist government that is using them as human shields and they are living in poverty. And I went on with, Israel was only formed in 1948 and what they have done with that country is incredible. It is thriving, democratic and developed. Why should they be faulted because they had the wherewithal to get shit together?I said that America should look south to Mexico. Americans mainly live well and that country mainly lives in abject poverty. I said to Benny, when you point a finger, three point back at you, am I right? We also discussed the explosion of anti-Semitism across the world. I said, hey it’s like Mackelmore taught us, we have to be tolerant of everybody, except the Jews, where it’s okay to dress like a Nazi propaganda cartoon while performing a song called Thrift Shop. I asked Ben to hook me up with some Mossad agent or bad ass Tzahal soldier. He rolled his eyes at me and that ended the meeting. Loved Benjamin! He is one no-nonsense Hebrew!


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