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Head for the Hills

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Why are they rebooting The Hills?

The reason it was interesting in the first place was that it was a bunch of single, vapid, young, hot twenty-somethings spread against a back drop of beaches, palm trees, shopping, lunching and clubbing.

Nobody is interested in watching a bunch of married with children, vapid, less hot then they were, thirty-somethings maneuver through Los Angeles. If they did, they would tune into the Real Housewives franchise.

And why are Mischa Barton and Pamela Anderson’s and Tommy Lee’s son involved?

I loved the original, but this doesn’t even remotely interest me.

MTV really is grasping at straws. So sad, since they were actually cutting edge once.

Guess the ratings will be the judge.

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More Bounce In California

The analogy I’m about to use is rather bizarre considering I’m sure that fans of one thing couldn’t care less about the other but here it is. This post election cycle is like the second season of the reality television drama Laguna Beach.

The second season of the show was all about Kristin Cavallari, but her season was upstaged by her nemesis Lauren Conrad when she began a relationship with Jason Wahler.

President Obama, much like Kristin, should be the star as he only has a few months left in office but all the attention is going to Donald Trump, who Obama is not a fan of, and his cabinet picks, much like Lauren and her man picks.

Lauren dumped Jason and began her journey to Los Angeles in the Laguna Beach spin-off The Hills which turned into a bigger phenomenon than Laguna BeachThe Hills captured the attention of millions of viewers.

Donald Trump is beginning his journey in politics and Washington, D.C. If his time in the White House is anything like The Hills it will be a smashing success, even the haters will secretly love it, guilty pleasures and all.

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