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Here’s One For Ya

I have noticed a new phenomenon as of late which is not only mildly disturbing but also perplexing.

Over the course of the last month or so I have been viewing somebody from behind that I believed to be a middle aged mom. You know, short hair with a pear shaped body that has some extra LBs on it, to put it politely.

However, when they turn around, it is not a woman at all, it is a teenage boy.

How on God’s green Earth does this even happen?

Why do all these young men have the physique of a near menopausal female?

No wonder why teenagers are allegedly having less sex, who wants to have sex with a boy-woman? (I’m sure there are plenty who do, but most likely not teen girls.)

I would love to know what the cause of this grotesqueness is.

Plastics? Hormones in the food? Messed up water?

I guess the only positive is if you are a boy that wants to transition you’re well on your way.

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You Know You’re Old When…..

you hear the phrase, “a pack of teenagers” and instead of rolling your eyes at the ridiculousness it sends a minor bone chilling feel of terror through your spine.

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