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Another Life

I was lunching with a friend the other day and I was telling him about a guy I work with who was telling me how he used to work as a tattoo and piercing artist and some of his stories from his times there.

I then offered up some of my tales of years long ago to the co-worker.

So my friend asked me what were my stories that I told, which I regaled. This triggered my memory and I gave my friend a few additional accounts of what was.

He was laughing, as they are comical, but also they are very atrocious.

Quite honestly, I was a really bad person. Horrible. I was so awful that when I tell these stories it seems like it was a completely other person who must’ve done these things.

I mean I was an asshole, a menace and a criminal.

Looking back, I feel like there is no way that it was actually me who carried out all these unspeakable acts.

I was a genuinely bad person.

It really feels like it happened in another lifetime.

Thank goodness I’m such an angel now.

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Fuck You, Pay Me

I’m not a litigious person but I feel like I should be paid for pain and suffering after having to sit through a woman telling a horrible, nonsensical story.

I have had to listen to so many women tell awful stories because my friend’s are with them. Holy shit! It’s torture. Fuck waterboarding, have some random girl sit in a room and just not shut the fuck up.

The thing that is the most annoying is that these girls are hot, super hot, so nobody has ever told them to shut up because they want a shot at fucking them. These girls want a personality but what they don’t realize is that they don’t need one. They just need to sit there and look pretty, trust me, it is enough.

I swear, I should be a millionaire based on the reparations I should receive for not only sitting through the mindless tales but not being able to tell them to shut their traps and not getting any pussy. I am the one who is in pain and suffers.

Perhaps, this can lead to a new branch of law or maybe guys should teach their girls to be silent.

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