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Who Says Women Aren’t Funny?

Apparently, Amy Schumer when she does a “comedy” set.


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I Watched Begrudgingly

I stopped watching Saturday Night Live because I never laughed at any of the sketches anymore. Of course, since comedy genius, Larry David, was on the other night I had to tune in. I have to say the monologue was good but the “Bern Your Enthusiasm” was executed perfectly.

At least now, I never have to rot through another SNL again since the only other host I would tune in for is Colin Quinn (another comedic genius) and that’s probably never going to happen, unfortunately.

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The Eight You Gotta Hate: Round One Results

eight to hate, round 1


The results for the first round of the Eight You Gotta Hate are posted above. (Click on the image to enlarge the brackets.) The horror show that is Bringing Down the House actually makes Hot Rod look like a work of comedic genius; Steve Martin should be ashamed of himself. Eddie Murphy should be thanking his lucky stars that Mike Meyers is a complete hack in this movie. Meyers has not changed his shtick since the early 1990’s, it’s time for some new material buddy because The Love Guru is unwatchable. They should use it as a torture tactic.

Tomorrow the result for the Eight You Gotta Hate for the Adam Sandler Division will be posted. This is tough because his films are so hateable. Up for the running in tomorrow’s battle of comedy flop are the following:

Little Nicky vs. Big Daddy: These two stinkers are Sandler-on-Sandler crime; they should both be sentenced to death.

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan vs. Grown Ups: Sandler doing a really bad accent for ninety minutes or a cast of SNL alumni and Kevin James murdering the art form of cinema?

There you have it, make sure to vote in the comments section and check back tomorrow to see who moves ahead in this trail of tears.

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The Sad Sack Sixteen: Round Four Results

sad sack 16, round 4


The Round Four Fatso Division Results are posted above. Which means that we start all over again as we move on to the Eight You Gotta Hate Rounds. The First Round brings us back to the SNL Division. Make sure to vote for your picks in the comment section and check back tomorrow for the results. The SNL stinkers that are up are the following:

Hot Rod vs. Bringing Down the House

Bowfinger vs. The Love Guru

This is the turning point where things get serious and it gets more and more difficult because the competition is so stiff. We’ll just ahve to wait till tomorrow to see which of these are the bigger stink bombs.


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