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I had a very interesting conversation with my friend yesterday about his Thanksgiving week. After the call, I realized that I have a very boring life and his is thrilling, whether it be good or bad, he always has something brewing.

I just went to Jamaica and I have no stories, this man tries to drive up a portion of the East Coast and  it’s like he’s O. Henry. Granted the man is a bit of a maniac, but the tales he has are unbelievable unless you know him and then they seem like they make perfect sense.

I know I’m a snooze because I was trying to think of any tales of debauchery and they all date back to almost a decade ago, none of which come close to any of his stories.

All I can say is that my favorite part of his tale was when he said, “I did you a courtesy by not shooting you.”

I don’t believe that sentence would be used in any of my stories for the remainder of my days.

God Bless this stupid fool and his fantastic antics.



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