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I have not watched reality television shows in almost a decade. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the fact that Temptation Island has mad a return.

I loved this show in the early 2000’s so I figured, hey, why not take a peak?

I can’t believe how similar it is to the original. They even dragged out the original host Mark Walberg.

It is like a weird time capsule only the people on the show are much more aggressive to put it politely, or straight up whores, to put it bluntly.

My only complaint is that they don’t have Walberg at the beginning on the island saying, “I’m Mark Walberg and this,” insert dramatic pause, “is Temptation Island.”

On a totally different note, it must be annoying to be the other Mark Walberg.

Let the passing around of STD’s commence!


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Head for the Hills

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Why are they rebooting The Hills?

The reason it was interesting in the first place was that it was a bunch of single, vapid, young, hot twenty-somethings spread against a back drop of beaches, palm trees, shopping, lunching and clubbing.

Nobody is interested in watching a bunch of married with children, vapid, less hot then they were, thirty-somethings maneuver through Los Angeles. If they did, they would tune into the Real Housewives franchise.

And why are Mischa Barton and Pamela Anderson’s and Tommy Lee’s son involved?

I loved the original, but this doesn’t even remotely interest me.

MTV really is grasping at straws. So sad, since they were actually cutting edge once.

Guess the ratings will be the judge.

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Horrified on Multiple Levels

Apparently they are rebooting the 1980’s classic television show Dynasty. Not much of a surprise considering everything now is recycled from yesteryear when it comes to television and films.

Not only does this look awful, but it is missing something, it doesn’t have the same feel the original had of actually being wealthy assholes.

I am not over the fact that Blake is played by Grant Show. He was like the heartthrob when I was a pre-teen, the bad boy on Melrose Place. How is it possible that he is cast as old man Carrington?

I don’t like that they made Crystal a bitch, that’s Alexis’ thing, which, by the way, where is she?

And to make Sammy Jo a gay man is just shameful, that was Heather Locklear! Hot, young, pre-Tommy Lee Heather Locklear.

This entire thing is a travesty!

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