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The other day I was driving by a small park and there was a black homeless man sleeping on a bench and on the complete opposite side of the park there was a white homeless man sleeping on a bench and I thought to myself, it is incredible that in this country we have such a major problem with racism.


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Little Ruthy Hackett Tackles A Difficult Issue

Racism….well, finish your thought.

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Where Is This Guilt Coming From?


So with all this Paula Deen bullshit swirling and the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case in full swing I find this a good a time as any to address something that is baffling to me, this phenomenon of “white guilt” that seems to be popping up everywhere you look. I don’t have white guilt, I’m not sure if it is because I’m first generation in this country and where I stem from my people were the hated minority. All I know is that this white guilt is ridiculous. First of all, every single person is a racist, there are just different levels of racism, some are more internalizing a stereotype when they see a particular person racist and some are more outward and obvious resulting in physical altercations racist. I’m a racist, you’re a racist, don’t get it twisted we all have a little bit of racism lingering in us and this is never going to stop. I know in utopian thinking we’ll all get along and everything will be rainbows and butterflies but this is just never going to happen.

Paula Deen admitted to using the word “nigger” and this has got her fired. Who hasn’t said nigger before? We all have and by the way fuck you to the media who uses the term “N-word” instead of just saying nigger. Now, when I say we all have, even if you’ve never said it directed towards a person you’ve used it because it is in literature. If you’re into rap music and you’ve been rhyming along you’ve definitely said nigger, it’s part of the song. To all those people who say it is okay for black people to say it, then fuck you, either it’s all okay or none of it is. I witnessed a worldstarhiphop.com style beat down in the middle of the afternoon that spilled into a major intersection as I was going for a stroll and I heard the word nigger dropped more in five minutes then I have listening to an N.W.A. album. I’m pretty sure these young black youths would only be fake outraged if a person from outside of their race called them nigger because they have been taught that only they can use this word. They have no concept of the actual horribleness the word once held. I will be honest, after watching this melee happen in front of my eyes, with the word nigger being fire bombed, I have no problem with people using this word.

I don’t think Paula Deen should’ve been fired, she’s an old southern lady, she was actually raised in a different time and different place. If you felt personally insulted or outraged by her use of the word and you think she’s racist then just don’t support her, don’t watch her on television, don’t buy her products. You may disagree with her language but we live in a place where freedom of speech is allowed and all you cunts who get your panties in a bunch over shit you think is inappropriate to say are fucking all of us over. You don’t see it now but just wait a few years when your employer is looking through all your social networking accounts and you get axed because you don’t meet the company’s standards. She may have used the word but at least she was honest about it, apparently honest gets rewarded with firings.

You think Paula Deen is an asshole, well do you own a Ford product? How about something Adidas or Puma? Well, those companies gave money to the Nazis. (The brothers who started Adidas and Puma were actual Nazi soldiers.) Sure they probably used phrases like dirty money grubbing kikes but they actually gave money to support a group and were part of a military that was all-in for a good old fashioned genocide, not to mention all the gays, artists and educators they rubbed out.

As for the media and their horrendous part in this white guilt phenomenon, they should just die. I love when I read news articles about robberies or attacks or whatever and they describe the perpetrators, they list what they were wearing and their height and age, yet one very important piece of information is lacking, the race. Who should I be looking for white, black, Asian, Latino, I mean you list a race it narrows down the search just a tad. But God forbid the media list a race because that would be “wrong.”

I just don’t get the white guilt thing. I’m not going to walk around on eggshells just to appease somebody else for something that I have nothing to do with. All I can say is that if you’re feeling guilty then you’re probably guilty of something, perhaps it is the racism that you truly posses that you attempt to cover up by fake outraged overreactions when a white person says nigger because you know deep down inside you wish you had the balls to say the word as well.

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