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Two Years of Nonsense

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I thought that after the Presidential election two years ago that everybody would shut up and go about their business. Unfortunately, everybody has decided to lose their minds and become obsessed with politics. Political talk gets boring rather quickly. Look at all the dunces on cable news networks that are contributors, they are losers who have no substance.

I must admit one of the most irritating things about the state of affairs is that this political obsession has leaked into everything that is fun: films, television shows, music, comedy and popular culture. I don’t like watching things and then constantly have to hear dialogue that is a jab at the President. I don’t like plot lines that surround the administration’s agenda. I definitely don’t need a PSA in a song. This fixation has all but killed comedy, no more jokes anymore, just Trump is Hitler and Republicans are fascists, a real laugh riot.

Can’t we go back to art being imaginative and original?

And while we are at it, can we please stop all of these celebrity females from talking politics? My God, I can’t see one more of these bubble-headed broads try and tell me who to vote for while wearing glasses to appear smart. Who is their stylist, the prop guy from Saved By the Bell?

Anyway, hopefully this psychosis ends soon so we can all inject a little levity into our lives.


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Who Cares What Kanye Thinks?

Who cares what Kanye West thinks? Can we please get over that he supports President Trump and is associating with people who hold conservative beliefs? Why in the world would anybody give this a second thought? I don’t really give a shit what any celebrity thinks about politics. These people all live in a different world of armed guards and gated communities. Their views and opinions on life mean nothing because they are living in an alternate reality.

People seemed to lose their minds and be shocked that West was saying and doing all these things. What’s so shocking? Nothing. Quite frankly, I don’t really care about any person’s political views aside form the people that I’m voting to represent me. Political conversation is beyond boring and although with the current President it is far more comical, it still falls somewhere in the realm of weather conversation.

I think what people should be shocked about is not Kanye rocking a MAGA hat, nobody is going to do or say anything to him, mainly because they can’t get by security. The mind blowing thing is that an average citizen can’t wear a MAGA hat without some sort of repercussion whether it be a physical altercation or denial of service at a restaurant. I have a hat, I don’t wear it outside. What does that say? What sort of country are we living in? People who voted for President Trump are still afraid to admit that they did. Isn’t that a frightening concept, that in America, people don’t feel comfortable enough to say who they voted for?

So perhaps people should not be consumed with Kanye West, but rather focus on how discourse and opposing ideas are no longer allowed to be expressed freely.

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The Eurozone is a union of European countries that have committed to having the euro as their form of common currency. Now, we all know that our global economy is in the dumper but I have been reading many articles about countries that are in the Eurozone that are faltering. Now I don’t have a way of solving the economic issue but I do have some theories as to how certain countries got into the monetary mess that they are currently experiencing. (Yes, there are 17 countries in the Eurozone but I’m only referencing a few.)

Greece: Well we all know that Greece is bankrupt, it’s down and out in Beverly Hills, and it’s over for our unctuous, olive-toned buddies. They have to accept responsibility for their carless actions though. Perhaps they should not have been throwing all those dishes around willy-nilly. Do you have any idea how much nice chinaware costs? Replacing those plates alone could make a person have to file for Chapter 11. I’m guessing the “oopahs” are few and far between nowadays.

Spain: Well our European Mexicans are now totally fucked as well. Again, totally their fault. Maybe they shouldn’t be wasting all their time on running from bulls. If you get trampled you can’t work, if you can’t work you can’t make money, if you can’t make money that’s a fucking problem. Don’t even get me started on their carelessness with tomatoes. Tomatina should be banned at this point. Why don’t these fuckers try and sell some of these tomatoes instead of throwing them around in a wasteful manner? Stand on the corners with bag full’s like your Mexican cousins do with oranges!

Ireland: The unemployment rate is at 14.8 percent. Oh you can’t get to work but you can sit in a pub and drink all day. Tisk, tisk my potato eaters. Shame on you.

France: Maybe if France wasn’t known for its snobby cuntishness they could have generated a tad more tourism but no you have to be bitchy dicks. You’re like the hot chick that just got snubbed and you can’t believe it. Ha ha.

Germany: Well, the Germans aren’t doing too shabby but they kind of have to be doing well. I mean they’re still working on their PR from the WWII debacle. So these fuckers have to help out the other countries. If they don’t you know all they will hear is, “They’re being total Nazi’s about this whole bailing out thing.” Plus, the Germans are probably doing well from all the nice shit they took from the Jews back in the day that they secretly held on to and have slowly but surely sold over the years.

Now I know we here in the States are totally fucked when it comes to economy. We are China’s dirty whore. The interesting thing is that most American’s can’t wrap their heads around the fact they we’re no longer number one. Don’t know what I mean, let me break it down. America was once years ago a really super hot smoke show chick that every other country was trying to fuck. America knew that it was super hot and thus led other countries on and manipulated them to get what she wanted. Just as with any hot chick, time goes by and the years take their toll on hard living. Now America is the old version of a hot chick, she looks a little bit ragged, some wrinkles, wear and tear and of course weight gain. But here is the problem, just like any hot girl that ages poorly she refuses to accept what she looks like, she still believes she’s as hot as she once was when in reality she is putrid. I mean not even cougar status, just old and dumpy. I mean there are still a few countries out there who would still stick it in her just for the story o laugh about with their friends later but they have kind of moved on. They all want the hot Russian mail order bride, the Chinese concubines or the Middle Easter harem.

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Lets Be Logical, It’s Not a Popularity Contest

So with the entire hullabaloo surrounding the whole Wisconsin Recall Election and it being a presidential election year I’ve started to think about who I will vote for come November. Now, in the 2008 election I voted for John McCain. My reasoning in doing so is because he seemed to have more of what I was looking for not because I really thought he would be amazing, he was the lesser of two evils in my opinion. (I know that we are a democratic country but why do we really only have two options? I say we resurrect the Whig party at the very least.) I think what sunk him was the Palin, woman V.P. angle. I definitely did not care for her because she seemed less informed then me about issues which is pretty horrifying as I’m pretty fucking dumb and there is a shit ton of stuff that is way over my head. McCain for me seemed like the smarter choice, he was older, more experienced, a P.O.W. He came off as responsible, like a grandfather. I mean who doesn’t love a grandfather, well unless there was some weird molestation or something, but I mean McCain didn’t seem like a molester-ish type of grandfather. His old school vibe appealed to me.

As for Barack Obama, I just thought that he was too green. Although many things about him I found relatable, such as his smoking cigarettes, having an undercover nerdy dorkishness and lack of a grandiose vocabulary, I ultimately thought that having too much in common with me is not a good thing. I mean we all have skeletons but for me the tipping point was the whole was-he-or-wasn’t-he-born-in-America deal. I’m not saying he was and I’m not saying he wasn’t (however the surfacing of that old pamphlet from his literary agency with his bio stating he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii is suspect) but at the end of the day if someone did not believe I was born in this country, perhaps due in part that my parents are Soviet immigrants, I would not have a problem showing them my birth certificate, which again makes that little situation suspect in my mind. I think we all lie about things and that’s fine. I know that telling tall tales is almost a pre-requisite in the political world ( I would much rather it be brutally honest, how great would it be to hear some politician be like, “Yeah, I stuck it in that college intern, she was a smoke show.”)but I think if you’re going to be a liar you better do it well, a la Bill Clinton if you will. Make that shit believable, I just don’t think Obama has those skills.

Now, focusing in on what is in store for November. The Challenger Mitt Romney up against the Champion Barack Obama. If I had to put money on it my bet would be on Romney. Yes, again the lesser of two evils is Romney. I think we gave Obama a shot but things are not working out so well. You need to know when to get out of an abusive relationship. Now, again I break things down into simpleton like terms. If this country is my kid, who do I want to babysit for the night while I go out on the town? Romney seems so proper and responsible with his moral values, he would definitely follow all the instructions I leave him, have my kid in bed on time and would just read quietly till I returned. Obama seems like he would let my kid stay up late and eat a bunch of junk food, have his friends over and have a mini-party off of my booze and order hardcore porn on Pay-Per-View. Now if I had to pick who I’d want to chill with it would be Obama, hands down but when it comes to whom I want to watch my kid I’m Team Romney.

I guess we shall wait and see who comes out victorious. I guess it doesn’t really matter though because none of us as citizens ever really wins. Of course if you want some real change you can always help me overthrow some shit and make my Ruthless Regime dictatorship a reality. I will remember those who fought for me and I will remember those who did nothing.

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