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Dried Up Old Bitch

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There’s this old lady I work with that is just a total cunt. I’m not sure if it is because she is twice divorced, has no friends and is completely unfuckable that make her a miserable humorless twat or if that’s just the way she is.

It’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario.

I just wish that I was not within the work sphere with this bitch. She has four wall balls of steel. Just give me like ten minutes under real world circumstances and then we could see how mouthy she’d be.

She deserves to die alone and unhappy. Quite frankly, I hope she does. I hope her stupid kids shove her off to a low rent facility for the elderly where the Cambodian and Haitian nurses abuse her.

At least it would give her a real reason to be such a wretched gash.

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I recently realized that I’ve been checking out guys who are in their early twenties. Some of them are fine as fuck, but it really startled me that these fellas are catching my gaze.

Fist and foremost, I’m way too old to be looking at them like that. I could potentially be their mother if I was a total slut who had an accident in high school which is just gross. I come from a time when being a teen mom didn’t get you a reality television show, but rather accurately labeled you as an irresponsible whore.

The second shocking jolt was that I never liked guys in their early twenties, even when I was that age. I always had a thing for men who are at least a decade older than me. Why now at pushing forty have I suddenly started to fancy these youngins? It’s not like I’m some sort of real housewife. I am not trying to cling to my youth desperately. Quite frankly, I’m old and obsolete and there is not much I can do to change this.

I’ll tell you though, I may not be sure why I sudden have this sudden lust for sweet looking boys, but they are rather aesthetically pleasing.


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Through The Looking Glass

No, that can’t be right. No way. It must be just swelling from allergies. It can’t be drinking bloat. It looks like Tony Scott’s body when it was retrieved from the water.  How the fuck did my face get so ragged? There are so many lines on my big crater that it looks like a topographic map. Oh Jesus Christ, what is that by the corner of my mouth? Is it dry cum? Did I blow somebody last night? Of course I didn’t, it is just dry skin that looks like day old dropped goo. I look like Wilfred Brimley when he was on Our House. (Young, thick Shannen Doherty was hot. Chad Allen was a total queer. Why did they even have the third child? She was useless. And fucking Deidre Hall, what acting chops, how could anybody ever forget her possession storyline on Days of Our Lives.)

Maybe I should start getting Botox. Kim Kardashian is a few months older than me and she gets the botulism injections. Sure she looks like a wax figurine but her face shows zero emotion which would work well for me because I was once told by my friend that I have no feelings or emotions. I can’t get that shit in my face. Fuck that, I’ll end up looking like a cross between Rocky Dennis and one of  The Real Housewives of Lost Youth.

Maybe I look fine; maybe my mirror is just completely inaccurate. I should look into that. It is possible, just like at clothing stores when they have funhouse like mirrors that are slimming so you buy more shit. Maybe my mirror is just fucked up. That would also explain my scale situation. Those numbers were definitely padded. Or maybe I’m just a decrepit fatso.

I need to start hanging out with really fat out of shape people again, I mean people who are fatter and more out of shape than me. That really seems like the only logical choice.

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