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Rock & Roll

Shouldn’t music from your younger days make you feel happy? Bring you to a nostalgic place of better times?

Every song that I hear from my childhood is depressing the shit out of me.


Well, I remember where I thought I would be in my life at this point and I’m so not even close.

It really rubs in the fact that I’m a bit of a loser. Why have none of these things I imagined my life looking like manifested?

I know I have made some poor life choices, but who hasn’t?

It seems like an impossibility to listen to music from the 1980’s and not feel upbeat, but it makes me feel like I’m in a fog of despair.

It is the realization that life has passed me by, I’m obsolete and not one thing that I envisioned is a reality.

I think it stings because there is no way to not recognize that this is true and their is no disputing it.

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So a guy showed me his playlist and I thought two things:

Number one, I’m pretty sure he is gay, not that I care, but there was always speculation so I think this seals the deal.

Number two, I really have atrocious taste in music. I am straight up pop loving. It is really pathetic. It can be any kind of popular music, but I am all about the Top 40. Although perhaps not so much with new music. I’m not so good with it, I randomly like new songs, but not consistently. Like I don’t get Drake or Imagine Dragons.

I suppose my taste in music is just as questionable as this dude’s sexuality.

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The Ripple Effect

How do you think the Trump presidency will change the movie, television, music and comedy culture?

Trump believes in winning and being strong which is in complete opposition to the last decade of victim culture that has seeped through the arts. Will Trump’s mindset be something that can be trickled into entertainment with a shift in the current dynamics?

When you look at every decade, there is something reflective between those who were in power and the cultural tone. What impact will this have on the various aspects of media?

I wonder if movies will be more patriotic and testosterone filled as they were in the 1980’s. Will music see a turn from the happy-go-lucky-pop feel to something that is totally new, radical and hardcore? Will television return to shows that are more representative of working class Americans as was the case in the 1970’s with Norman Lear productions? And will comedy continue in it’s over-saturated stale rut of hackneyed hate of Republicans or will this spur more Nick DiPaolo-esque comedians who mock the Left? It seems that the alt-Right is now the counter-culture while the Democrats are the fascist elites so it would be interesting to see how comedians deconstruct this new tide.

It should be rather interesting to see how this all plays out.

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