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Nice Threads

There’s a guy that I think is a good looking dude. I was looking at pictures of him that were recent and then saw some that were from a few years ago. There it was, clear as day, this dude shapes his eyebrows.

That’s it, I’m tapped out. I get that guys are all about dainty grooming since the movie version of American Psycho came out and I get it to a certain extent. However, I like my guys to look like guys. I’m not saying unkempt and disheveled, but if you’re going into a salon to get your eyebrows threaded or waxed, I’m not feeling it.

The only area that I don’t fault a guy for maintaining are his private parts. It only makes sense. You can’t give oral to a dude while all hair is breaking loose, it’s like Bedlam! There needs to be organization.

I feel like eyebrow maintenance is just a little bit extra for me, as the kids say.

Only exception is a uni brow, as my boy from high school Jeff uttered, “Bic it.”

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The Reality of the Situation

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Something very strange has happened to the men in this country. I don’t even want to say that it is a sissy-ing up but almost like a sickness. In the last month, I have had two men tell me that they want a reality show.

So bizarre.

I can remember being in my very early twenties, before everything was a reality show and thinking I probably could have one, but would never want one since it would ruin the rest of my life. (This was in my heavy drinking and slutting days when I was fun.)

I just think it is weird that middle-aged men would want this or actually verbalize it. Reality shows are for broads and gay guys.

I think this sickness has infiltrated most of the country, everybody wants fame and fast cash. Are these people not looking around at all the celebrities and rich people who have sever substance abuse problems, mental health issues or suicidal tendencies?

Who wants to be famous? In the words of the great Trick Daddy, “Fuck fame, I’m out o get paid.”

Having money does not solve your problems, but it make may worries go by the wayside.

I just hope this sickness gets a cure, sooner rather than later.

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Take It All Back

I have had multiple conversation with various men of different ages about the current state of women running rampant. They all seem to agree that his has gotten to a point of ridiculousness. To this I say, “Well, why don’t you take shit back?”

Listen, I can’t help men reclaim steering the ship of life, because I’m a woman, they need to do this for themselves, by themselves.

Legit, forums like Reddit only exists because these men have been relegated into anonymous spaces to be able to honestly voice their opinions. Who wants to live like that? Nobody. Well men need to get it together and push back.

Women are getting more out of control and more miserable with every passing day. Why? Biology. Women want a man who is in charge. They want men to be dominant. These retarded women have created an environment where men are  complete sissies. Nobody wants to fuck a pansy, they want somebody with some strength and backbone. So the lack of women finding a suitable mate is causing further dissatisfaction in their lives, though to be fair, they have brought this upon themselves.

Men, it is time to rally and reclaim what is rightfully yours. Start running shit again and shutting down the nonsense of this overbearing movement of squawk box.


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Better Than That

A buddy of mine has always had a knack with the ladies. The fact that he hasn’t died of some bizarre STD is a miracle and also a devastation.

Girls throw themselves at him, which is sort of pathetic, but I must say he pulls in pretty good looking girls.

He was telling me about some of the girls who are practically begging him to get bang them out. I don’t know why he even wants to mess with some of them. It is not because they are married or in committed relationships, though I don’t know why you want that stress. I am perplexed by his contemplation of fucking them because quite frankly they are low level pussy.

I get that pussy is pussy, but if you can get girls that range from cute to hot, then why even waste your time?

If somebody is offering you free top shelf vodka or free  swill they have in the well you go for the high end shit.Why would you waste your time with Mr. Boston when you can have Grey Goose?

I know that guys like to mix it up, but if you have a consistent stream of lookers that are whores in bed, why would even want to stick it into a single mom? The bottom’s been knocked out.

I guess that’s why you have to love guys, they don’t give a fuck. Their simplicity is refreshing, but bizarre.

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There’s Nothing Left

I know the Super Bowl seems like it happened forever ago, but in the last two weeks I was really reflecting on it and I  came to the conclusion that there is nothing left for men. Lady Gaga is the halftime show? Sure, everybody thought it was a great performance,  but who is this everybody? Women and the media. I don’t know a single guy that was like, “Lady Gaga was fantastic.”

To add insult to injury, the commercials were all shit PSAs. I don’t want a lecture. I want to enjoy the game and maybe in the in between see something funny. Can the marketing geniuses in the beer industry get it together? Go back to basics, everybody loved the beer commercials that were T & A, nobody wants a history on immigrants. Didn’t you learn with your colossal blunder of last year when you hired those two fat fucks, Schumer and Rogen, to sell your product and it tanked? Not only the commercials but actual sales.

I thought men would make a comeback in Trump’s America. I implore all men to take something back before they completely dismantle anything that interests you.

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