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I had a girl I work with ask me, “Not to be in your business, but are you married? Dating?”

This made me laugh. Nope to both, thank God!

I’m a weird specimen of a human being. I want to be normal in many things, but I’m just not.

What I really wanted to explain to her is that even though I am quite the catch, I am very annoying in a variety of ways.

The best way to describe the reason for my single status is due to me being just like a jingle.

At first you think, hey it’s a little annoying but tolerable, then you actually get into it and find it catchy and it ends with you hating it so much that you get very angry anytime you hear it.

I’m the jingle.

All I said was that I’m good, though the jingle analogy really drives it all home.

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