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Can This Be?

I was at the beach with a friend the other day and I commented that I could not believe that there was not one single super hot guy to look at it, just for fun.

Then I realized that I think it has legitimately been nine years since the last time I saw a guy that was ridiculously gorgeous in real life.

Can this possibly be right?

Almost a decade?

That’s insane!

I’ve seen decent looking guys, guys with justice bodies, but no-holy-shit-I-can’t-stop-staring-you’re-so-damn-hot-guys.

Is there a drought? Am I just not going to the right places? I feel like this is statistically impossible.

Not only a statistical impossibility, but just plain sad.

I don’t think I’m asking for much, just a man to horribly molest with my eyes.

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The Good Doctor

A co-worker was telling me about a surgery her husband is about to undergo. She said the doctor performing the surgery reminder her of Doogie Howser.

She said, I can show you a picture of him. (What a creepy world the Internet is.)

She brought the photograph and I must say he was young, but he was good looking to boot.

Why would you leave out the best part?

He is 35 and fine as fuck.

I told her to hook me up. I would love to add a doctor to my resume, never banged out a medical professional before.

Plus it’s like a win-win, I could ask him all my medical questions.


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Feeling Bad

See the source image

Amy Schumer recently sated in an interview that she feels bad for hot women and I’m confident that hot women feel bad for Amy’s chairs.


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The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire

I was going for a stroll the other morning and I was passing by a home that was getting new roofing.

As I walked closer I happened to notice that the roofers were fine as fuck.

They looked good, bronzed skin against those neon yellow t-shirts that were sort of tight and showed off their muscles.

Like these guys looked like they were a stripper version of what a roofer is.

Of course, being the pervert that I am the first thing that I thought was imagine if I just said, “Hi boys, do you know what an Eiffel Tower is?”

Why? Why do I think these things?

Anyway, I moseyed by and just did a head nod with a good morning. I still think I could’ve down okay with my opening line.

It’s a numbers game, you have to take some chances.

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Slide Into Home

This is Josie Canseco.

She is the 21 year-old daughter of Jose Canseco.



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