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Don’t Front

I don’t know why a person would pretend to like me when they clearly do not. What, I’ve never been disliked before? I’m pretty sure 95% of my high school hated me and I still showed up every day.

I just want this person to admit they don’t care for me. I don’t like them, but they clearly can’t take a hint!

Unfortunately, the circumstances dictate that I can’t tell them to shove off as this would be dubbed unprofessional.

Maybe one day, when I win  the lottery, or by some twist of fate, my writing gains recognition, I can tell this person what I think of them, but allow them to unload on their disdain of me as well.

I think we all know this won’t happen as I have no luck in gambling and if my writing ever becomes successful it will be posthumously.

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To Be Perfectly Honest

Don’t you wish that there was one day out of the year that you could be brutally honest with people? I mean tell them what you really think, but without any of the repercussions or animosity that would follow. It’s not even out of a place of meanness, it’s more out of a sense of helping the person out. Honest feedback helps people grow.

For instance, there is this one woman who I would really like to let her know that her face looks like a deformed Scream mask.

There is a man that I would like to inquire why he has the lead female singer from Roxette’s hair?

Another woman who I would like to point out, looks like a badger with glasses.

You see I could go on and on here, but I think you get the gist of it. This is all constructive criticism. The fact that I have to bite my tongue on these issues is extremely difficult.

Don’t think I’m not open to this day working both ways. I love honesty. Hit me with it, the more barbaric, the better. I encourage it.

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I’m Not Going to Say You’re Not

There’s this fat bitch I know and before you think I’m being unreasonable about her size, I’m not. She is easily pushing 230 pounds. So this fat bitch was talking to me and she kept referring to herself as fat, which she most certainly is. However, she kept having slight pauses after she would say she was fat. I believe she was waiting for me to see, “Oh no, you’re not fat, don’t say that.”

Why should I have to lie? She’s clearly rotund. I’m not going to enable her horrible eating decisions. She’s lucky I didn’t agree with her and say, “You are fat, you should do something about it.” However, I held my tongue, in a bid to be polite. I figured it was rather obvious that she was a fatso, so why rub it in?

She’s that annoying type of really fat. She tries to dress super girly and cute, but talks sports. She thinks she’s like a Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary type. It’s quite stomach churning. She believes she has this great personality, but she’s over the top annoying and fake. I don’t know how much more obvious she can make it that she has no self-esteem.

She tried to take a page of the Schumer-Dunham-West-Third Wave Feminism playbook and play it like she’s okay with herself. Sweetie Pie, we all know you’re not.

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And Nothing But the Truth

220px-Girls,_Girls,_GirlsA girl I was with the other day noticed another girl with what in her opinion were, “nice legs.” So she says to me, “Doesn’t she have the best legs?” Now, it is fine and dandy if this girl thought the other girl’s legs were like these fantastic, perfect legs. I, on the other hand, thought that they were that meaty-athletic looking leg. You know, the kind that have muscle tone but are too thick because they aren’t pure muscle, they still have some fat with a jiggle to them? So, no, I did not agree with this woman. So here’s the issue, why do women constantly do this? Why couldn’t she just say, “That girl has the best legs.” Why did she need to phrase it so now, I either have to lie and bite my tongue or I have to tell my honest opinion and look like a total cunt?

I always wanted to be that girl who had tons of friends who were girls but it never worked out that way. I’ve had guys tell me “I’m a man’s woman, “and girls tell me that I’m, “the type of girl that hates other women.” I don’t think I’m either. I’m just a person who demands honesty. It gives me cancer to not be able to say what I truly believe and it sickens me when other people are not frank. I think women are more phony generally and do not deal well with an straightforward opinion that may not be all sweet and sugary. Guys can be just as sensitive but I think that they tend to be able to handle harsher statements with a bit more ease. A person can be brutally honest in a tactful way but if you’re going to ask a question be prepared for an answer you may not care for.

Also, I think that my other disconnect with women is that they don’t understand sarcasm. Again, a girl asked me, “What are you up to this weekend?” I replied, “Well, I don’t have much going on for Saturday but I’m guessing a majority of my day will be used scooping cum out of my asshole on Sunday.” Crickets. Meanwhile, this girl knows me; it is not shocking that I would say some stupid shit like that. I am sure that guys may cringe at a statement like that as well. However, I don’t think that they would be viscerally disgusted; the good ones would be aroused.

I guess the point of this is that people should probably just not talk to me. I would be perfectly content with that.

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