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Women Ruin Everything

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I assumed by now everybody would stop yakking about Hannah Gadsby and her “Comedy” Special Nanette, but she is somehow still relevant. Perhaps being that I’m old and obsolete, I just don’t understand what is so amazing about this special. I guess I’m just from the olden days when comedy was funny and made you laugh.

At first all this hullabaloo about this Netflix comedy special was confusing. I just thought Tig Notaro let herself go, but then I was enlightened that this is in fact some other person named Hannah Gadsby.

I guess I can’t totally bash the entire special as I refuse to sit through it, but the clips I have seen are awful. She is not funny.

Of course, all these “comedians” are praising it as this masterpiece. Basically they are saying that this is like a next level of comedy, whatever that’s supposed to mean. There is no next level, either you have funny jokes or you don’t. Otherwise you are just doing a one man show and labeling it “comedy.”

This is precisely why people believe women aren’t funny and exactly why it is true.


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