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A woman that I work with recently passed away. It was very shocking as it was completely unexpected. I sat right next to her and luckily, she was a great neighbor.

When the announcement came, everybody was visibly devastated, welled-up eyes and tears. It makes sense, she had been with the company for almost twenty years.

I know they say everybody handles death differently, but I know this woman wouldn’t want us to be sad.

Every time somebody comes up to see if I’m okay, which yes, I’m as fine as somebody can be under the circumstances, they seem to be the ones who are not fine. So now I have to listen to them talk through things. It’s like a morbid merry-go-round. So I am making these people laugh with little stories to cheer them up. This is exhausting.

Somewhere this co-worker who died is laughing her ass off at me. She knows that this is like my worst nightmare. I have to talk with people about the same thing over and over. At least somebody is getting some joy out of this.


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