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So a guy showed me his playlist and I thought two things:

Number one, I’m pretty sure he is gay, not that I care, but there was always speculation so I think this seals the deal.

Number two, I really have atrocious taste in music. I am straight up pop loving. It is really pathetic. It can be any kind of popular music, but I am all about the Top 40. Although perhaps not so much with new music. I’m not so good with it, I randomly like new songs, but not consistently. Like I don’t get Drake or Imagine Dragons.

I suppose my taste in music is just as questionable as this dude’s sexuality.

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Who Knows Anymore?

I was out the other night with one of my friends. I was watching the guys and turned to him and said, “I can’t tell who is gay anymore?”

He agreed, which is interesting because he is gay.

There seems to be no line of demarcation between straight and gay guys anymore.

Some people may think this is a great thing, but how can this be a positive? It’s sheer confusion, not just for straight women, but also for gay men.

How are we supposed to know if we are wasting our time?

There’s two options, either gay men need to up their game and be way more flamboyant or straight men need to, well, you know, not be gay.

I’m not holding my breath, but I’m rooting for the straight guys being more butch.


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Social Media Makes Me Sick

I think we should just get rid of all forms of social media. It makes me sick. Why? Well, because it has really exposed so many guys that I’m friends with as being sissies.

I don’t ever look at people’s timelines because I don’t care but I happened upon one of a guy that I know and that I like.

I never thought he was namby-pamby. He’s actually rather affable. His Facebook page might be one of the corniest things I’ve ever seen. It made me want to puke. He comes off like some effeminate poof. It was so gay, filled with platitudes and retarded videos that are supposedly humorous.

Yuck, it made me want to puke.

This dumb page has ruined this person for me. I have lost respect for this total dandy.

I blame the WInklevoss twins. They let that fruitcake Zuckerberg steal their idea and turn it into a henhouse of softness.

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Fantastic Stories

We should all believe in fairy tales because we all know that gay guys have the best stories.


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Does It In Fact Exist


I have met many homosexual men through the years. Every single time I ask them if they ever receive anal sex they all claim to be tops. That is just an impossibility. It has to be. I don’t think that gay guys are either a top or a bottom, I know that they are both, just like I’ve been a bottom and I’ve been a top (thanks sex toys!) However, none of these gay men I meet ever say they take it. So if every gay dude is giving and nobody is taking, then does homosexuality in fact exist? Somebody has to be being poked in the rump, it can’t just be all goo gobbling. Well, either I have somehow beat statistical odds and not met a power bottom, somebody is lying or homosexual sex is a myth.  I’m going with the poofs may be fibbing because I have pornographic film evidence that such intercourse does in fact occur. I’m a bottom and I’m proud…where’s the pride? You have parade’s for this sort of thing for Pete’s sake.

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