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My Favorite

I know they say how online trolling is considered horrible but some of the trolls are super funny. I’m not a troll but I am a fan of their work to the point that I actually have favorite go-to troll.

He is so funny. This troll makes me laugh harder than most comedians in 2016. I wont name names, as not to bring attention to him but he is one of the best at the trolling game.

I just feel like some of these trolls should be paid for their work. I know that they do it just to mess around with people but I honestly feel like they should be monetized for their services.

I must say, these trolls, the really good ones, have never let me down. Thy always bring a smile to my face. I suppose you need to have a twisted, dark sense of humor to really appreciate them but then again how many great artists were not recognized in the moment?

Perhaps, down the road, these trolls will be appreciated for their talents.

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But Seriously…..They’re Not Funny


Christopher Hitchens’ article, “Why Women Aren’t Funny” was published in 2007. Since then, this idea has been broached by many people. I don’t even understand how this is up for debate. Women are not funny.

Women can be amusing or have a funny line here and there but they are not consistently funny. I have never been with a girl who can sit there and riff on a topic or person and come up with steady really humorous lines. They may be able to bang one solid line but that’s it. I have been with many guys who are capable of accomplishing this.

There is a huge difference in being amusing and being funny. Amusing is deviating, funny is stable.

I would say that Joan Rivers’ comedy was funny. She is probably the only female stand up who has made me laugh out loud throughout a guest appearance on a talk show or performing a set. However, if she were alive, would her comedic ability be sustained if I were just to be casually hanging out with her? I think without the pre-written jokes that she would be amusing, have some good zingers but I don’t believe she would be all-around funny.

I have yet to meet a female that is genuinely funny, so sorry ladies, but we are just not funny.

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I Thought Fatter Equals Funnier?


I was under the impression that fatter always equaled funnier. However in watching the rise of certain “comedic” actresses I am left thinking that this statement is false.

It seems as if the more weight these women gain the less funny they become. Not to say that they were particularly all that humorous to begin with but I would at least qualify them as once in a blue moon, mildly amusing.

Maybe this theory just can’t be applied to women. There is the idea that women are not funny. So maybe the fat equal funnier ideology is automatically negated if applied to women since they are not funny to begin with?

It’s all very perplexing.


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Hardy Har Har

I think it is very important that we differentiate funny from mildly amusing. I hear a lot of people say somebody is, “so funny.” No they’re not; and that goes for a fair share of people on today’s comedy scene as well. There are very few genuinely funny people. There is an overabundance of mildly amusing people. The key difference is that a funny person actually makes you laugh, not chuckle slightly, they really make you whole-heatedly laugh so hard you can’t breathe. A mildly amusing person makes you possibly giggle and even once in a while make you let out a “ha.” The chances to meet a real funny person in life are few and far between. In 34 years, I have met only two, one was an affluent Italian guy with a very dark comedic sense and the other was an Irish cop who liked to partake in some cocktails now and again. (I know they sound like made up stereotypes but they are in fact one hundred percent true.) You meet mildly amusing people left-and-right. They’re in surplus, dare I say, over-abundance. Funny comedians, which are a rarity these days,  not only make you laugh when you hear their material for the first time but when you can listen to it repeatedly and still laugh just as hard as the first time you heard it. Mildly amusing comedians, which there are a plethora of, may tell a joke and you think, “okay, that was funny.” How funny can it really be? If something is genuinely funny, you ininstinctualy laugh at it. If you have time to process it and deconstruct it in your mind to think it was funny inside your head then how funny could it really be? So let us all make a note of the major distinction between the two.

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Super Bummed

I can’t believe Otto passed away. He was so ridiculously beyond funny.

“Jim Florentine is to comedy, what the movie Flashdance is to welding.”

Even working clean he rocked it, what an edgy set, mocking everybody on the show, including himself. “Try getting into this building tomorrow Geppetto!”

Otto will be seriously missed. One of the greats.

If you have the time watch this show that Otto did. It is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched.

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