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Oblivious Dolt

I will never understand people’s inability to pick up on social cues.

There is this person who I can’t stand, but the man is a complete fool and absolutely believes that I enjoy him. I Don’t!!!!

Unfortunately due to the circumstances I can’t just say, “I don’t like you.” Which in any real world situation without constraints is precisely what I would say to him.

Here’s the thing, I don’t know why he likes me. I’m not particularly nice to him. I don’t fuck around with him the way I do with people who I do like.

I’m so not one of those people who likes people just¬†because they like me. I’ve always had people who like me for some reason and yet, ¬†I can’t stand them.

It makes no sense. I don’t like me. Why would other people like me? Especially people that I’m an asshole to.

Dear Lord give me strength to not blow up on this stupid, useless imbecile!


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