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I was recently watching something on television when I noticed that one of the people on the program was girl I knew from way back.

She was still smoking hot, just a little older. So what does any person in this day and age do, but search engine the shit out of her.

Well, her Instagram was delightful to look at. She is still fine as fuck.

However, the most disheartening part was all her captions. They were all positive affirmations and corny platitudes.

I always liked this girl, she was hot, but not stuck up at all. I just don’t remember her being like this everything’s zen bullshit attitude.

I guess when you’re that good looking there is thing to be angry about.

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He Said, She Said

A Brazilian congressman has been ordered to pay more than $2,500 in moral damages for telling a fellow PM she was “very ugly” and not “worth raping,” after she allegedly called him a rapist during last year’s debates in congress about sexual violence.

So, why does she not have to pay him a fine? Isn’t calling somebody a “rapist” who is not one just as “morally damaging” as telling somebody that they are ugly? I would prefer to be called ugly than be called a rapist. It’s harder to shake off a rape stigma than one of un-aesthetically pleasing looks.

I think it is completely insane and outlandish that anybody should ever be fined for their use of language. However, if they are going to have these sort of rules then this woman should be paying up as well. Start shelling out those reals missy!

By the way, the congressman is my new favorite person, the balls on this guy. Love it! He’s completely hilarious in a horrible asshole sort of way. Phenomenal!

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