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Nice Threads

There’s a guy that I think is a good looking dude. I was looking at pictures of him that were recent and then saw some that were from a few years ago. There it was, clear as day, this dude shapes his eyebrows.

That’s it, I’m tapped out. I get that guys are all about dainty grooming since the movie version of American Psycho came out and I get it to a certain extent. However, I like my guys to look like guys. I’m not saying unkempt and disheveled, but if you’re going into a salon to get your eyebrows threaded or waxed, I’m not feeling it.

The only area that I don’t fault a guy for maintaining are his private parts. It only makes sense. You can’t give oral to a dude while all hair is breaking loose, it’s like Bedlam! There needs to be organization.

I feel like eyebrow maintenance is just a little bit extra for me, as the kids say.

Only exception is a uni brow, as my boy from high school Jeff uttered, “Bic it.”

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