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Like It’s A Big Deal

Now that my boy Brett Kavanaugh has been sworn in as a judge to the Supreme Court can we please talk about some of the preposterous claims surrounding him?

Like this guy from Yale who said he saw Brett throw a drink in a man’s face. Let’s be clear, that’s kind of a girl move to begin with, but should that really discredit him for anything and everything for the rest of his life?

I hope not, or else I’m in BIG trouble.

I once got mad at somebody and took the drink they were holding and threw it on them.

I know what you’re thinking, yes, so smart not to waist my own drink, but rather utilize that of the person who was irritating me? I standby my claim that I get smarter when I’m drunk.

I know I’m not going to be some big shot judge, or some big shot anything for that matter, but should something like this really have any bearing on me now?

This happened years ago, the only thing this incident should do is bring me a chuckle when I recall it.

Anyway, one of my new goals in life is a shotgun contest with Brett. I always win those, I think I could take him.

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I don’t really drink anymore. In the course of an entire year I may have alcoholic beverages on maybe five occasions.

I went out last night. I had three Captain and Cokes. I wasn’t particularly drunk.

However, this morning, I am not so much hungover, but I am not one hundred percent.

I’m functioning, but am very delayed.

I can remember when three Captain and Cokes would be like nothing, though this was in the days of virtually never getting a hangover, oh sweet youth.

Maybe it isn’t the alcohol, maybe it’s the realization of the vast Keno losses incurred.

In the words of every loser gambler, I’m due to hit and hit big!

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We’re Supposed To Be Out Here Robbin’…You Dumb Fuckin’ Heeb

The parking garage was fucked up, photographed the level to find our way back,walked into the place with cash and a gash, hit up the pisser, roulette, technically  Russian Roulette for me, (text my buddy that joke today and I got no response back), drinks, , Native American mannequins and a basket of plastic maize equals a museum, The Shining casino, bar top touch screen black jack, drinks, penny slots, drinks, quarter slots, drinks, where are the twenty dollar slots, drinks, back to the roulette, no more drinks, 1:00 AM shut off is bush league, ah, the holy grail, one hundred dollar slots, a moment of reason quickly pooh-poohed, wait…that’s it, pisser, back to Hampton Club for more defeat, perhaps one hundred dollar slots was not the most sound choice, no we don’t want a frappe or strawberry shake, what am I? five, the decision to rally at the roulette tables for a triumphant return to the Hampton Club, it’s an up and down, the tubby wearing a nice Rolex with 500 dollar chips is in and is out in ten minutes and pudges away, we shortly thereafter do our own walk away with nothing, we should’ve rolled that fatso for his watch and chips, where did we park, lost in the casino…again, valet giving directions has an air of disapproval, we find our exit, discussion of hundred dollar slots being a mother fucker, whores, whoring, comedians (love Nick Di Paolo), inconvenient weddings, bullshit friendships,  the Anthony Cumia firing, remembering O&A bits from the WAAF days, Real Rock TV and perhaps still having the prank call CD somewhere.

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