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drakeSo I met Drake yesterday. I know he’s like this big time super popular musician, I’m not sure if he’s a rapper or a singer. I am not familiar with his songs. My friend told me he’s the cause of Y.O.L.O. which makes me dislike him even more. I know that he runs with Cash Money, Young Money click. I know that he’s half black and half Jewish. I know every girl thinks he’s hot except for me and sort of Amanda Bynes. Anyway, all I said to him was, “I know you’re like this star but I don’t get it.” He was none too happy with this. He asked his bodyguards to show me out. (Meanwhile what grown adult man needs other men to protect him? He’s not the P.O.T.U.S.A.) As I was abruptly led out I said, “Lenny Kravitz is a way more talented, way hotter, better in every way, half black-half Jew than you’ll ever be. Two words: Lisa Bonet!” After all that I still don’t get Drake, Drake’s cakes I get, delicious, Drake the artist, yuck.

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