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Does This Make Any Sense?

So there’s this guy that I know that looks a lot like some celebrity.

I’m not even into the actual celebrity by any means.

However, this guy looks so much like the celebrity that part of me is just thinking, you should totally have sex with him.

It’s almost like a vicarious star fucking.

I would actually be more apt to fuck the lookalike than the actual celebrity.

It seems like the more interesting story for later.

I am not quite sure that his makes any sense, but when has that ever stopped me before?

Perhaps, this will be a go.

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Celebrity Doppelgangers

It is always flattering when somebody tells you that you look like a celebrity. Well, maybe not always, I suppose they could compare you to an unattractive celebrity. I have been lucky in my experiences as I have been compared to really good looking women. I understand this is a compliment but it makes me extremely uncomfortable. Why? Because I don’t think I look like these women and to be quite honest it is insulting to these lovely ladies to insinuate that I have any similarity to them. It also makes me feel awful because these women have nice bodies and  are not a dough ball with legs like yours truly. I think it’s okay if you tell somebody that you think they look like a celebrity. I don’t think it’s okay when a person offers up this celebrity comparison about themselves.

My example of this is a few years back my buddy and I were at a bar and there was this girl bartending. My friend was into her so he was flirting and I was helping him along. Out of nowhere she announces, “People always tell me I look like Mila Kunis.” It was like the record stopping at a party  from a cheesy movie moment. She was cute but she did not look like Mila Kunis. My friend and I just looked at each other like what-the-fuck? When she walked away to serve somebody else we were both in agreement that her having Mila Kunis as her celebrity doppelganger was a far stretch. It was such a cringe-worthy, douchey moment.

Are you curious about who I’ve been compared to? Well here they are, get ready to laugh your balls off because it’s so not right.

Minnie Driver: 

Gina Gershon:

download (2)

Jessica Biel:

images (2)

Trust me, I know I don’t look like them. I wish I did, they’re all pretty hot. The worst is the Jessica Biel comparison because her body is ridiculous. Look at it down below, I’m a blob, she’s a hard body. If my body looked like that I would be a total whore, everybody would get some pussy. I’d be naked all the time because it would be wrong to cover up that perfection.

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