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I Would Be More Than Happy to Oblige

See the source imageIt seems the President is need of a new Chief of Staff and I would be more than happy to fill in.

Why not?

It seems to put no thought into who he picks for positions in his administration, at the very least I would harangue him about that big, beautiful wall we were promised.

I actually would be really good at that job, I am super organized and I’m great at telling people to fuck off, both politely and impolitely.

On top of that, who could be a more random pick than some unknown.

This is total reality television show theatrics and dramatics.

Or if he is not interested, perhaps he should just bring back Hope Hicks.

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The One That Got Away

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What a huge mistake on Trump’s part for letting go of Jeff Sessions!

He was the only member of that administration who was actually delivering on the immigration promises that Trump has made, including Trump.

I hope Trump is playing, as they say, 4D Chess, because the only way to rectify this disastrous blunder would be by placing Sessions in charge of Homeland Security and Kris Kobach as the new AG.

Otherwise, it will be a case of the one that got away. You don’t know how good you have it, till you don’t have it anymore.

Or maybe he could build the wall and we could all call it a day.

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Not A Good Look

In case it has not been thrust down your throat enough, John McCain died. I’m not on some McCain shit, I did vote for him, only because he was not Obama, but that’s where it begins and ends with me on McCain.

What makes me actually like him is that he specifically did not allow Donald Trump and Sarah Palin to attend his funeral services. Now, I’m a spiteful cunt which is why this appeals to me and I think it is pretty funny. However, I’ve had to listen to everybody regurgitate that McCain was a hero and this great person. Well, if this is so true, then why is he pulling bitchy ass high school level Mean Girls shit? I mean, it is not a good look on a man, any man.

If he was as wonderful as they all claim he would have wanted anybody to attend, despite their differences.

So people can say all day long what a heck of a guy Maverick was, but his last actions tell a completely different story.

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Maybe This Is Why

The other week the reveal of the black voters’ approval rating of 36% of Donald Trump seemed to stymie many of the political pundits, but then again, what about this Presidency doesn’t?

It’s not that hard to understand, black people, just like other people, like money and in case you missed it, the unemployment rate is low and there are jobs. People have a consistent job and are earning money. It’s not that much of a mystery.

I’m surprised that Donald Trump does not appeal more to black voters. Not that all black people like rap, but Trump is the embodiment of rap culture.

He talks about how rich he is.

He has a good looking wife and has hot side bitches.

He carries a gun and loves guns.

He has haters that are trying to keep him down and he discredits them.

He has a Twitter account that is the equivalent of nothing but diss tracks.

He is braggadocios and unfiltered.

He talks about the size of his privates. (We all remember the small hands dispute.)

He has multiple children form different wives.

He has a private plane.

He is kind of gangsta and does what he wants.

I just figured that since some in the black community enjoy this form of entertainment,that Trump would naturally attract them.

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Why are people freaking out about President Trump revoking security clearances of people? It seems like the proper thing to do, quite frankly, I’m not sure why they still had them to begin with. That is the most shocking part of the story to me. Why would people who no longer hold positions have clearance? It makes no sense.

I’m a simple gal who likes to breakdown complex things so I can understand them, so here we go.

When a person leaves a job they are asked to hand over everything that they had access to within the company: keys, electronics, files and whatever else. This is the proper thing to do because a person no longer employed with the company should have zero ability to access anything. So why would this not apply to somebody like John Brennan? He is the former Director of the CIA. FORMER! Why should he have security clearance? He has nothing to do with them anymore. He should not have security clearance, but be allowed clearance on an as-needed basis if they need his insight and even then I’m not too keen on the idea.

I think everybody needs to pump the breaks and think about this logically. One-time employees do need to be given anything except a final paycheck and a God bless.

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