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Times Are Tough

I was at the Dollar Store the other day when I noticed something that I was unaware they sold, pregnancy tests.

I understand that pregnancy tests are pretty pricey. I’m still mad that I spent money on one nineteen years ago because I was so not with child. Then I realized I should save my money and put my faith in the Lord and use the pull and pray method which has been one hundred percent successful. Like George Michael said, “You gotta have faith, faith, faith.” But I have derailed myself here.

I was in awe that they sold dollar pregnancy tests. I know that they are not expired or anything, but I would be very skeptical to get accurate results. I feel like if this is where you are purchasing your tests, that most likely you really have no plans on keeping this kid. Perhaps you shouldn’t, and I say this as a person who does not believe in abortions, from a financial standpoint.

I am very aware that there are people who are less fortunate, but maybe they should consider the old saying, “crisscross, applesauce.”

That being said, I would love to see the sample population who is getting the dollar pregnancy test. I bet it is better than reality television.


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I Need a Dollar Dollar, A Dollar Is What I Need

So I’m sure at one point or another you have all had the wonderful opportunity to head into a dollar store. The dollar store is a great thing for last minute things on the cheap, like balloons or wrapping paper. I also realize that the dollar store carries just about anything under the sun from dishware to food to toys (my favorite) to toiletries. It is basically like a low budget convenience store. I realize that for many people this is where they shop because that is where they can afford to buy many of their necessities. I am not making fun of that, I actually think that it is very distressing that for many people this is the best that they can get. If you have never been to a dollar store I highly recommend it to you if you need random things for a low price as I said before. I also recommend it to you because it is like travelling to a small town in Middle America without the pesky travel.

I will say that the dollar store can either be a walk in the park or your worst nightmare depending on when you decide to hit it up. I’ve had many enjoyable shopping experiences at the dollar store. These were all fun-filled because the store was empty. There’s nothing better than shopping in a ghost town like atmosphere. I have had some miserable trips to the dollar store. These have been due to waiting in long lines with some interesting characters. The one trip that still haunts me is when I accompanied my friend to the dollar store around Christmas time so she could buy cheap wrapping paper, tape and stalking stuffers. When we walked in there were crazy line so she asked me to wait in line while she got everything. So as I was standing in line there was so much people watching for me that I did not know what to do with myself. Then entered a lady like no other and she had my full undivided attention.

This woman was short, about thirty pounds overweight with a Mary Lou Retton haircut. She was wearing tapered stone washed jeans with pleats (I imagine these jeans did not have a button but rather an elastic waist band) and a soiled sweatshirt with a basket of kittens playing with yarn on it. She was doing what I was doing, holding a place in line for the people she was with. She had this wet cough and hacking that rivals that of a three pack a day smoker (of course she was too good to cover her mouth as she burst her disease and germs into the air.) The icing on the cake with this lady was the following, she screamed down the aisle to her counterparts, “Yeah, get that one! That’s the same one I used to decorate Sandy’s trailer!” Well, that was the tipping point for me. By the time my friend came up to me in line I was standing there with my jacket covering my mouth and nose as if it was a Sars mask and a look on my face of utter disgust. I told her I had to get out of there and ran out of the store.

Now, I realize like I sound like a total snob for being so intolerant of this lady and the others in there. I know it is not her fault that she did not have the foresight to cover her mouth when she coughed or wear clean clothing in public. She most likely does not know any better. I also do not mock that people live in trailers. Looking at this lady it makes me thankful for everything I have. So just remember one thing about a dollar store adventure, hope for the best, expect the worst and make sure to wear something that covers almost every part of your body to avoid contact with any of the other shoppers, apparently soiled sweat suits are encouraged.

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