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Is There A Doctor In The House?

If I could be anything I’d be a butcher because you get to be like a doctor without all the fancy schooling.

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I went to see my doctor and I said, “Doc, I’m in a horrible sexual drought.”

The doctor said, “Too bad that kind of dehydration can’t kill you.”

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The Good Doctor

A co-worker was telling me about a surgery her husband is about to undergo. She said the doctor performing the surgery reminder her of Doogie Howser.

She said, I can show you a picture of him. (What a creepy world the Internet is.)

She brought the photograph and I must say he was young, but he was good looking to boot.

Why would you leave out the best part?

He is 35 and fine as fuck.

I told her to hook me up. I would love to add a doctor to my resume, never banged out a medical professional before.

Plus it’s like a win-win, I could ask him all my medical questions.


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