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The Cloak of Invisibility

It is strange to me how people do not want to age. I can’t wait until I’m that kind of old where you are invisible.

Nobody sees the elderly. They are right in front of us but they do not even register. If somebody does notice an old person, they are only reminded about their own mortality and quickly look away.

I love watching old people because it is quite obvious that not only does nobody see them, nobody wants to engage with them, they disappear before our very eyes.

This is what I’ve always wanted, to be left alone. No more foolish conversations, sayonara to obligatory favors, no more caring about appearance (velour sweatsuits, Velcro sneakers and BluBlocker sunglasses here I come.)

Some might think that I’m nuts, but what is the alternative? Injecting so much botulism into my skin that it looks like I’m wearing a tight fitting condom on my face?

I don’t want to hear, “You look good for your age.”

I want to hear nothing at all because I’m unnoticed.

This is the dream, you can get away with anything when you are under the radar.

Let the aging begin.

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And Like That…She’s Gone

Today is Amelia Earhart Day but I understand why we’re praising somebody for job abandonment.

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