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This, I Remember

The other day I was talking with some guy I met and we got into a conversation that led to a do you know this person game?

Well, the person he mentioned I did know.

Usually when this game is played, the person says a name and either you know them and love them, know them and hate them or don’t know them.

I had an usual reaction, well not on the exterior, to the outside world, I said, “Yes, I know him, god guy.”

However, my first thought in my brain was, huge cock.

I remember this guy had a monster dick. I don’t think I ever even hooked up with him, but I definitely saw his dick.

I’m not sure how, those were in my heavy drinking days, but trust me, this guy was like porn star sized. You see something like that and you sober up pretty quickly.

Anyway, it was nice to have him mentioned. I have not thought about this guys in 15 years. It was a great moment to be remembered.

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Think Positive

Is it a dick pic or just a really optimistic selfie?



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Perhaps it is not dick cheese at all but simply rather curdled cum.

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If you’re with a guy and he has shit on his dick it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay; he could just be a really bad wiper.


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That’s One Big Hole

So I saw this penis the other day and it stopped me in my tracks. It had nothing to do with the size of the penis itself but rather the penis hole. The pee hole seemed cartoonishly large. I had never thought that dick holes come in an array of sizes but apparently this is the case. I swear, the more I learn about the penis the more I just don’t get that appendage. It made me wonder if when urinating the sound of the stream hitting the porcelain is way louder, like instead of a gentle brook it’s like Niagara Falls. The next thought I had was about the load droppings this cavernous orifice must produce; instead of a sprinkler it must be like a fire hose. The only bonus I could think of for having a very large penis hole is that if you ever had to get a STD test that the cotton swab contraption they insert down the meatus would not be so painful due to the extra room to maneuver.

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