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If you know that you are doing or thinking something crazy, but are aware that it is crazy, does it make less crazy?

I have seen many people do something that is insane and I wonder if they realize they are being unhinged or if they have no clue? If they have no idea that this is nuts, then are they more nuts?

I can think of many girls I know that were talking about doing something bat-shit to they guy they were with or pursuing and I would sometimes advise them against it. However, they still went and did their demented act. Are they more crazy because they should have known better because of intervention?

I am guilty of doing some disturbing things, but I know in the moment that what I’m doing is not normal. Since I’m self-aware of the madness does that make me less crazy? Maybe it makes me more crazy because I know better but still do it. Or does this fall under the guise of a moral compass of right versus wrong?

Regardless, it is all still unbalanced.

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So I Know This Girl

I have known her for about a year. We are not friends but we are friendly. In the year that I have known her she has dated three different guys. All of these relationships last around three to four months. Every time one of them ends she says, “Well, he was an asshole.” Now, I’m not saying that these guys aren’t assholes; as my theory is all women are crazy and all guys are assholes; there are just different levels of crazy and asshole. The reason I question this girl and her inability to keep a man longer than a few months is because she is 34 years old.

She is the same age as me. Unlike me, she wants to be married and she wants to have children, so time is of the essence to her because the expiration date on this eggs is any day now. Now, this is all fine and dandy but the real thing that I find baffling is that when these relationships implode in only a several month time period, she always blames the guy for being an asshole. Usually, these guys end up seeing another girl while with her and leaving her for the other girl. Now, I would almost solely put blame on the guys if this was ten years ago and we were 24, but we are old bitches now and the guys she is dating are around our age as well. A lot of the immaturity and inane nonsense you experience in relationships with people at 24 is pretty much gone by your mid-thirties.

All of this information leads me to believe that this girl is in fact a psycho. She has to be doing something for the same scenario to be happening over and over again. By our age, she should know better than doing whatever the fuck it is she is doing or gravitating towards unavailable men. I have gleaned from several conversations that I have had with her that she would be a very time consuming girlfriend. She complains when texts are unanswered. She complains when they don’t want to spend time with her. She complains about these men all the time. You should probably not have much to complain about in the first few months of a relationship.

So either she’s a complete handful that is too high maintenance and not worth the effort  which nobody our age wants to deal with or she stinks sexually which nobody our age wants to deal with.

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You So Crazy

170px-The_shining_heres_johnnyHere, in good old New England, the winter season is lengthy and depressing; at least it is for me. I detest the cold, I am not a fan of the snow and I do not particularly care any of the holidays that fall during this time period. This time of year makes me relate to Jack Torrance in The Shining. I am basically trapped inside like it is the Overlook Hotel and I feel as if I am slowly descending into madness. It is a complete case of cabin fever meets a serious case of boredom. So what can be done to alleviate this onset of madness?

As I am not one for winter sports, or any sport for that matter (I’ll watch them, I just won’t play them.) what sort of activity, hobby or interest could I delve in to in order to maintain some semblance of sanity? Many suggest that I take up one of my old interests, drinking. Well, as much as I do enjoy some beverages this is just not a viable option at my age. I get horrendous hangovers and my drunk driving abilities have completely deteriorated with age and being without gainful employment how can I afford to pay to fix any damage I inflict to my vehicle? So to drink like it is 2007 is out of the question for me.

Some propose that I stick to my prescription pills and have a pill pop happy hibernation period. As much as we all love some good meds, this will just contribute more to the stir craziness factor. Nothing good ever happens with pills as it makes your brain come up with crazy thoughts and scenarios, at least that’s what happens with me, and I can’t afford to go off on some weirdo tangent.

Others have advocated that I really focus on my creative endeavors. Sure that sounds like it may be a fulfilling venture but I am lazy and it is winter, it is like Mother Nature is encouraging me to be a sloth and do nothing that requires any effort. Plus if I start writing a song to follow up my other hit songs such as, Stick It In My Pooper, I’m Gonna Smash (On You) and I Heart Pussy Farts then it would be like egging on the wackiness because I’m pretty sure one of the first signs of slowly sinking into madness is humming made up tunes to yourself.

Well, hopefully I don’t go so crazy that I have to visit the mental ward as my only basis for comparison are old movies like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. (Best line from that movie, “Jack Dunphy’s full of shit!” uttered by Christopher Lloyd as the character of  Taber.) Jack Nicholson really had a run there with the crazy pants characters in films. Maybe I can do some sort of study about Jack Nicholson’s career and the progression of character choices with charts and graphs to keep myself occupied because that’s not nutty at all.

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