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The meeting is a staple of Corporate America and it makes sense that it is. Where else do you gather a bunch of people who talk in circles, accomplish nothing and still pat themselves on the backs like huge strides were made?

I am the lucky lady who gets to attend yet another one of these stuck in the mud gatherings.

I wonder if anything will get resolved, oh wait, I know, it won’t.

I wouldn’t mind attending if there was some sort of productivity, but these are just a waste of time. I hate when other people waste my time. I can waste my own time, but when others do it, it drives me insane.

I wish myself luck in this venture today and hopefully I don’t completely freak out. I’ve been a bit on edge lately. This should make for an interesting mix.

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High School Land

I finally figured out why I can’t really get into this Corporate America culture and it is because it is a mirror image of high school. It’s been a minute since I’ve been in high school, but I remember my overall feeling of utter hatred for that time period. I was a teenager then, I am an old lady now, why on earth would this sort of set up translate better now then twenty years ago?

In high school you have to be respectful of the teachers and administrators or else you get in trouble. In corporate, you have to be respectful of your bosses and any other higher up muckety-mucks or else you get in trouble.

In high school if you cause any problems, display poor behavior or have an altercation with somebody you get written up or suspended. In corporate if you cause any problems, display poor behavior or have an altercation with somebody you get written up or suspended.

In high school there are cliques and levels of who you can and can’t talk to. In corporate there are cliques and levels of who you can and can’t talk to. (God forbid a maintenance person speak to some shitty manager from some department, career suicide.)

In high school the alleged “cool kids” thought that they ruled and that they were better than the rest. In corporate the alleged “cool kids” think they rule and are way better than the rest.

In high school I had to answer to people who were complete fools and I was far intellectually superior to them. (not saying much considering I’m not that bright.) In corporate I answer to people who are complete fools and my I am far intellectually superior to them.

I can’t take this anymore. I hated high school because of all these retarded rules and regulations. I hate eating shit when I have to bite my tongue. I’m at a crossroads. I’ve been doing “Fake Ruth” for the last few days and I’m exhausted. I don’t know how people do this? This is torture to my soul.

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Someone Always Playing Corporation Games

I think I may have finally had it with corporate culture. They preach family and teamwork, but it is all a complete sham. People are out for number one, advancing their careers and regurgitating this family-teamwork malarkey although they do not practice it.

Let’s translate what they really mean when they use these terms.

Family: I will pretend to like you and give a shit until the next better offer comes around and then I’ll be leaving so quickly it will make your head spin. Family means personal advancement by using your current team to push you forward while abandoning them without ever thinking they  have any potential to succeed in other job roles.

Teamwork: You do all the bitch work because it is going to fall on you anyway. Even though you are getting paid substantially less, be part of the time, do all the grunt work and let other people swoop in and receive the accolades. However, never say that you are the one that did everything because that wouldn’t be very team-spirited. Again, only caring about personal advancement.

Corporate is just lovely.

These people are so phony. They don’t believe in anything that they preach. They are a bunch of frauds who care only about lining their pockets.

Perhaps it is my own fault for having loyalty and integrity, maybe if I rid myself of these pesky traits I would be rising up in the ranks.

Corporate has made me compromise my own integrity on certain matters, but that time is over.

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I love how in a work environment people feel safe to say and do things knowing that nobody is going to react because that would be a one way ticket to HR. This is a passive aggressive persons dreamland and my hell. I would much rather a person air their fuck yous and then I say mine and then it is over. It is out there, it has been called out and now we can all move on.

I’m stuck in this continual purgatory of what reminds me of high school level bitchiness. To paraphrase the great Danny Glover, “I’m too old for this shit.”

I am at my boiling point. One bitch makes a snarky face another comes at me with a condescending tone, and why? They do it because if it was under any other circumstances I would decimate them and they know it. I would berate them so badly they would cry instantaneously and then cry again when they got home to their shitty husbands. They know they are protected behind Corporate walls.

This really reaffirms my utter disdain of bitches.

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That’s Pretty Remarkable

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I was talking with one of the guys that works in the mailroom and he said that I was the only person in the entire company that actually stops and talks with the mailroom guys. Not just a polite how are you, but an actual exchange.

Do you understand how insane that is? The company has thousands of employees. He has done the mail runs on every single route there is.

I am the only person that actually converses with them and that is really sad.

I don’t get why they wouldn’t talk to them? They are super nice, chill and by the way, when I call for something they are super helpful.

It’s a very bourgeoisie versus proletariat mentality, rather unsettling.

I also am friendly with the facilities and security people. I help them and they help me. Not to mention, they are basically some of the only people that you can actually have a fun conversation with.

It’s pretty pathetic that I’m the only one that will take the time to chit chat with them.

It’s like I always say, I’m a woman of the people, but I hate the people.”

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