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Thirty Years

After thirty years, a man at work retired. This is what happened.

They gave him a last minute, poorly thrown together breakfast send off.

They sent out a last minute invitation on the morning of, to this pathetic breakfast bon voyage.

I happened to be outside when the man was leaving for the last time. He was carrying several boxes and was escorted out by two women who worked directly with him. They gave him hugs goodbye.

Did they offer to help him take the boxes to the car? No.

Did they offer to wait while he pulled his car around and then help him with the boxes? No.

They went inside and this poor bastard with his half un-tucked shirt, waddled his way all the way to the very far end of the parking lot, lugging the boxes with no one to help him.

This is what thirty years of dedication gets you, a shit goodbye and a see you later.

I believe that I could actually hear the crushing of a soul.

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I knew before I signed up for it that I would most likely not like working in a corporate environment. When I drove in for my first interview I thought gross and by the time I left I thought there was no way I could ever work at such a place. Well, I drank from the corporate well and here I am in the land of Corporate America. I suppose I should be happy that I am at a stable company with growth potential, but I find myself rather torn. Quite frankly, I detest the corporate culture mentality where groupthink is rewarded and individual ideas are frowned upon. However, I still need to make a living. This has brought me to the juncture of where do I go?

I find that being in this position is not only soul crushing, but makes me more miserable than normal. It is draining to drudge through the every day minutia of what seems to be like a communist regime. I know it sounds odd to say a pillar of capitalism invokes communist ideas, but it does. It is communal space, everybody works together, they feed you company “language” that needs to be regurgitated and you need to fall in line with company policy, initiatives and culture.

Perhaps it is my lineage of coming from a truly Communist regime, but all of this makes me want to rebel. I like free thought and discourse. I don’t want to fall in line just to be able to get a shot at a bigger cube or gasp, an actual office. These are not motivators for the likes of me.

I suppose now is the time to chose if I stay in this world of homogeny or break free.

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I’m Not Sitting Next to that Blob!

I recently learned that the replacement for my co-worker who passed away is close to being hired. Yes, that’s right, they decided to start interviewing ten days after she passed for a position that did not need to be filled promptly. The vultures were out in full force, the same ones who came to me with crocodile tears when they learned she had gone. I have no respect for any of these piggish, opportunistic swine.

That being said, the replacement would have to sit near me. On top of my not liking her to begin with and the added disdain for her participation in this job grab, she is just unaesthetically pleasing, She is like a big bowl of slop. I don’t want to be near that. She is a gargantuan beast. She uses up-speak like a cute twenty-something girl, but she’s a slab of pale doughy yuck.

I can’t possibly be expected to sit next to that. It’s totally going to ruin the property value.

To add insult to injury, she’s a super annoying, me-me-me hog.

I sense that this will not end well.

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Solipsism Anyone?

I have never worked in such a toxic environment. The most frightening part of these sociopaths is their complete egocentrism. They only care about how things will benefit them. Now, normally this may be mildly insane to deal with so many people having this horrible trait, but it is amplified in that the company culture is all about family and having one another’s back.

I am far too old to deal with this level of self-centeredness and evil bitchiness. I didn’t play this shit twenty years ago and I’m sure as heck not going to stand for it now. The me-me-me attitude in the entire corporation is beyond appalling. This is probably the most hostile and uncomfortable place I have ever worked.

I am still trying to wrap my head around how awful these people are. I worked in a bar for four years, trust me, I’ve encountered some crazy, sociopathic, selfish assholes, but at least I could drink there or tell those cunts to fuck off. I can’t do either in this situation. Though perhaps, that would make me far more happy.

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The meeting is a staple of Corporate America and it makes sense that it is. Where else do you gather a bunch of people who talk in circles, accomplish nothing and still pat themselves on the backs like huge strides were made?

I am the lucky lady who gets to attend yet another one of these stuck in the mud gatherings.

I wonder if anything will get resolved, oh wait, I know, it won’t.

I wouldn’t mind attending if there was some sort of productivity, but these are just a waste of time. I hate when other people waste my time. I can waste my own time, but when others do it, it drives me insane.

I wish myself luck in this venture today and hopefully I don’t completely freak out. I’ve been a bit on edge lately. This should make for an interesting mix.

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