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Target Audience

We all have a type of person that seems to be attracted to us. For me, it happens to be married men.

This is definitely not the demographic that I’m looking for.

Since I’m now relatively sober and not being a complete asshole I don’t mess around with the married any longer.

Some may think that this is a compliment, that they would be willing to cheat and risk their marriage.

I think it’s an insult.

Why would they believe that I would help me the cheat?

What is it about me that screams cheating accomplice?

I may be a carefree gal at times, but that does not mean that I’m going to be the other woman.

I get why people cheat, I’m not judging it, but take your infidelity elsewhere.

I don’t need the bad energy and stress in my life.

Holler at me when you get separated.

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Giving It Up

Instagram just got a new, colorful logo

Couples love to post pictures of themselves on social media. I get women wanting to do this because they are mainly dumb, vain bores who like to brag about their pathetic existences.

However, I have noticed that men are posting pictures of them with their chicks as well.

First of all, I detest social media, but pretty much it was designed for women and gay guys.

Second, straight men that use it come off as a little bit gay.

Lastly, why as a man would you post pictures with your girl? How are you going to put your shit out there? Do guys not cheat anymore? Or do women just not care if they are hooking up with somebody taken anymore?

It just seems if you’re a guy and you’re doing this, you are kind of cock blocking yourself.

In my day, guys made cheating an art. They were slick as fuck. I know one dude who had serious girlfriends that did not know about each other for like two years and still fucked other bitches on the side. Scumbaggy as it my be, you have to be impressed with the technique. He would never have been able to accomplish such a thing in 2018.

It’s sad really, I guess it is just another dying art form.

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A Fool’s Game

Cheating is like playing three-card monte, you know going into it you’re probably going to lose but the thrill of possibly winning is worth it.

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