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Moral Compass

I believe there are good people and bad people.

Some bad people can pretend to do good things, but they do so disingenuously. Other bad people are just horrible and don’t hide it.

There are good people who are just good all around. They are caring and selfless because that is their nature. Then there are good people who do bad things.

If you are a good person who sometimes does bad things does that somehow make you worse than a bad person?

As a good person, you should know better than to do something wrong. Bad people don’t give it a second thought.

Does it make you less of a good person if you only think about doing something bad but don’t actually do it? Like if you fantasize about cheating, or think about strangling a person you detest till the life goes out of their body?

I sometimes feel like the old cartoons with the devil and the angel on each shoulder.

I try every day to be better than I was the day before but I lack patience and am not good at not thinking horrible things about people I don’t like.

It’s the battle between darkness and light, like I’m in a Stephen King novel.

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You can control your conscious mind to a certain degree, but when it comes to your subconscious mind, that’s like the Wild West. I swear sometimes the things I dream about are rather inappropriate and sometimes make me feel guilty in my conscious state, but why should I feel remorse? I can;’t be held accountable for where my mind drifts when I’m in REM. It’s not like I would actually go through with what my subconscious mind suggested, though it does make a tempting offer.

However, it make me think, is this something that I actually want to do or is it just a weird jumble of random thoughts that churned out this idea? That’s the worst part, now that this idea has been introduced to me, I kind of want to go through with it, even though that is not a good idea, fun, for sure, but bad news.

It’s really not fair, I’m not the bad guy, the gutters of mind are.

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Not Very Nice

You should never help a person a cheat because people who want to cheat with you are actually insulting you; sure I want to have sex with you, but you can never tell a single soul and if you do I will deny it.

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Are You Still Good?

I have been such a goody two-shoes for almost five years. I mean if it wasn’t for my foul-mouth and religious beliefs I could easily be a nun. I stopped smoking cigarettes, partaking in illegal and prescription drugs, drinking alcohol heavily (maybe have a few drinks like twice a year), drinking coffee, being a whore. I mean I even gave up biting my nails and am working on dropping my sugar addiction, which by the way, the hardest one.

I have not done anything malicious to another person. I keep to myself, but am helpful when asked by others. I still have a horrible impatience streak, but I am better at tolerating idiocy in the professional sphere. I don’t aid in people’s cheating on their counterparts anymore. I don’t get entangled in idle gossip. I am conscious of being polite and mannered in the everyday minutia, not counting a road rage outburst here and there. I try and be a reasonably good person.

I would consider myself to be a “good girl” at this point as my actions are causing no harm. However, my thoughts are impure, to put it mildly.

For instance, I absolutely fantasize about doing things sexually with people that it would be inappropriate to have relations with, really dirty things. Is it wrong to think these things about a person who is married? I mean, I suppose there is some bad to it. I don’t even particularly find a lot of these people even slightly attractive, the taboo circumstances are what makes it tempting.

I guess the question is, if you think bad thoughts, but never act on them, are you still a good person?

A genuinely good person would not have such thoughts at all. I mean, sure I want to stick my thumb in the asshole of a construction guy that is walking in front of me, but I’d never do it. So I suppose this leaves me as a less than good person with great restraint.

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