It’s Everybody’s’ Problem

I was reading an article about the midterm elections and it was discussing what they dubbed, “Trump’s Woman Problem.” Basically, they were saying that women don’t care for Trump so they would not be voting for those he endorses.

Unfortunately, if you look at demographics of strictly female voters they vote blue regardless.

This is not just a Trump problem, but a problem for the country.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I would be willing to give up my right to vote if they ended women’s suffrage.

I don’t even get why they lean to the Dems, what have they done for women that is so great? Quite frankly, all the liberal hooey that they have brainwashed females with has made them far more miserable. From the hurrahing of the single mother and breakdown of the nuclear family to the idea that women in the workforce would make them happier and more fulfilled, and the gem that Hillary Clinton is a great representation of a strong woman,  these are all things that are untrue but women have been conned in to. (Perhaps if they are not smart enough to realize this they should not be voting to begin with.)

That’s what these women need to be asking, what are the policies and how are they helping me and my family? Do you know how many times I’ve heard women say that they don’t like a candidate because of how he looks or the language he uses when he speaks? Well who cares? He could be the Elephant Man, but if he is running on a platform I endorse I’m voting for that freak of nature.

I’m just saying either women need to be more informed on facts and vote with reason over emotion or just take the privilege away completely.

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This Is Crazy

Wow, they really did a number on Alex Jones.

He has basically been kicked off of the Internet.

I always wonder who was the first person to ever be thrown out of a bar, but who knows?

Who was the first person to be bounced from the Internet? Well, more or less, Alex Jones.

The fact that this is not a bigger story is super odd and frightening.

Love him, hate him, don’t know anything about him, the regulations that have been thrust upon Alex Jones are ridiculous. People are very capable of coming to their own opinions. I don’t necessarily agree with Alex Jones on everything, but then again, who agrees with anybody about everything, nobody.

I like Alex Jones because he asks questions, some may seem to be a tad on the crackpot, but who cares? It is important to always be asking questions. If people take everything at face value they become complaisant

So this is how it starts, but how does it end?

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Wrong Question

There is a guy I work with who is awesome. He is older but super cool, old school, doesn’t give a shit.

He is so knowledgeable, a huge asset and well respected.

However, for some dumb reason people keep asking him when he is retiring.

Why would you do this?

First of all, he rules, they should be begging him to stay.

Second, have you met the man, the more you ask, the less apt he will be to leave. He would stay out of spite and quit on the spot just as an extra special fuck you.

I understand that he is older, but why would you actively try and push out a person who is one of your stronger workers?

This is why Corporate is a joke.

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Today is the TJ Maxx Fall Runway event and I will be attending.

I love my designer clothing. I have to say my love of it is probably the most Jewish American Princess-like thing about me.

Well, I’m loud and obnoxious, but that’s all Jews.

It’s not even like I’m into all designers, just a select few, but shoes, bags and clothing are my downfall.

I don’t care about nails, hair, jewelry, though I am a waxer, but that’s just for upkeep.

Perhaps if I had children in my life I would not need these objects, but I don’t. So what if I want a nice pair of Chanel boots? At least if I buy them, they are an investment and will be worth far more once vintage.

Yes, I realize I should just shut my mouth because at this juncture I’m sounding straight up J.A.P.

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