Not Fair

The most unjust thing about the Sutherland Spring shooting is that  Devin Kelley won’t go to  hell  because you know,  atheist.

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I guess Devin Kelley is the new flavor of the month, though I’m much more partial to Stephen Paddock, well really, the Paddock boys.

The best part is now the Feds don’t have to tell us anything about the Las Vegas Massacre.

I’m sure they are sighing a breath of relief.

I don’t know why they would sweat it anyways, we never got an answer about the Orlando Night Club shooting.

I’m still waiting for the CCTV footage of Omar Mateen to be released.

And people wonder why conspiracy theories develop and why there is no trust in the government.

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The Man Is A Hero

This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in quite some time.

Let this be a lesson to every disruptive, drunk cunt.

The man did everybody there a service!


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I love how in a work environment people feel safe to say and do things knowing that nobody is going to react because that would be a one way ticket to HR. This is a passive aggressive persons dreamland and my hell. I would much rather a person air their fuck yous and then I say mine and then it is over. It is out there, it has been called out and now we can all move on.

I’m stuck in this continual purgatory of what reminds me of high school level bitchiness. To paraphrase the great Danny Glover, “I’m too old for this shit.”

I am at my boiling point. One bitch makes a snarky face another comes at me with a condescending tone, and why? They do it because if it was under any other circumstances I would decimate them and they know it. I would berate them so badly they would cry instantaneously and then cry again when they got home to their shitty husbands. They know they are protected behind Corporate walls.

This really reaffirms my utter disdain of bitches.

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