The Voice

I knew that I really don’t like this guy, but it became abundantly clear just how much he irks me the other day.

I was strolling down the hallway and I could hear him talking and I just let out an instinctual, “UCHH!” It was rather loud too.

Now, I’m sure if there were other passersby in the hall I may have looked a tad silly, okay, perhaps more like a complete mental patient, but I can’t be faulted for my vehement disdain for this idiot.

I mean the man is not only a fool, but he thinks he’s smart. He has such a undeserved highly inflated sense of self. He’s like a male Lena Dunham. Actually, now that I think about it, he does resemble her physically as well, both shaped like a bowling pin.

How can a person not hate somebody like that? He is clearly detestable!

The saddest part is that if I could just get off my chest what I think of him to his dumb face I would feel so much better.

I would still not like him and most likely he would be upset, but I would feel good and shouldn’t I treat myself every now and again?

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And the 2018 Bracktits Winner Is……..

The one, the only, the voluptuous Tracey Adams!


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Who Will Be the Champ?

Above are the results for the Top Two between the 2013 and 2018 Divisions.

Tomorrow the 2018 Bracktits Champion will be revealed.

Will it be Kat Dennings and her monster Jew tits or will it be the Luscious Lumps of Tracey Adams.

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The Road to the Top Two Tetons Continues: Best of the Breasts

Above are the results for the Road to the top two pitting the 2012 Division against the 2014 Division.

Kat Dennings knocking out the Champ Anna Nicole!

Below is the matchup for 2013 and 2017 Divisions.

Tracey Adams


Rachel Hunter


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