If you know that you are doing or thinking something crazy, but are aware that it is crazy, does it make less crazy?

I have seen many people do something that is insane and I wonder if they realize they are being unhinged or if they have no clue? If they have no idea that this is nuts, then are they more nuts?

I can think of many girls I know that were talking about doing something bat-shit to they guy they were with or pursuing and I would sometimes advise them against it. However, they still went and did their demented act. Are they more crazy because they should have known better because of intervention?

I am guilty of doing some disturbing things, but I know in the moment that what I’m doing is not normal. Since I’m self-aware of the madness does that make me less crazy? Maybe it makes me more crazy because I know better but still do it. Or does this fall under the guise of a moral compass of right versus wrong?

Regardless, it is all still unbalanced.

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Times Are Tough

I was at the Dollar Store the other day when I noticed something that I was unaware they sold, pregnancy tests.

I understand that pregnancy tests are pretty pricey. I’m still mad that I spent money on one nineteen years ago because I was so not with child. Then I realized I should save my money and put my faith in the Lord and use the pull and pray method which has been one hundred percent successful. Like George Michael said, “You gotta have faith, faith, faith.” But I have derailed myself here.

I was in awe that they sold dollar pregnancy tests. I know that they are not expired or anything, but I would be very skeptical to get accurate results. I feel like if this is where you are purchasing your tests, that most likely you really have no plans on keeping this kid. Perhaps you shouldn’t, and I say this as a person who does not believe in abortions, from a financial standpoint.

I am very aware that there are people who are less fortunate, but maybe they should consider the old saying, “crisscross, applesauce.”

That being said, I would love to see the sample population who is getting the dollar pregnancy test. I bet it is better than reality television.


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Still Counts

The other day a complete stranger told me I was beautiful.

I should add that this person was a woman, who was older and a tad bit slow.

I think the compliment still counts.

I don’t think that I’m beautiful by any means, but people always say you should take a compliment.

So even though I was catcalled by an old woman who is not totally there mentally, that does not mean that it does not count as praise, right?

Her caretaker didn’t echo her sentiments, but that’s okay, we all have different tastes.

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Make Yourself Comfortable

People are always saying to get out your comfort zone. Well, how do I do this when I’m always uncomfortable?

I’m just an uncomfortable person. The only time I’m fully at peace is when I sleep and that is only under the condition I do not have some nightmare.

Many things that people find relaxing make me ill at ease.

Getting a manicure and pedicure are so bad that I won’t ever do it again. Even the people who do my nails are always telling me to relax my hands and feet. How?  You’re working like dogs while I’m sitting her like a privileged asshole?

There is no way I would ever attempt to get a massage. It would make me more tense than I already am.

I cut my hair myself to avoid having to talk with the hairdresser.

The only thing that I do still get is waxed and though I’m uneasy for it, I tip the girl so much because I feel like a jerk.

I am not comfortable with having to deal with other people.

So really, I’m pretty much always out of my comfort zone.

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