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Why are women so ridiculous? The other day at work one woman was talking about getting married and how she is not going to change her last name to that of her husband. The younger girl  she was speaking with said that made sense and there is no reason to changing your last name to that of your husbands. Of course when they asked me to chime in they did not hear what they expected.

Of course a woman should change her last name if she is going to get married. The only exception I can think of is if your famous because of branding purposes or whatnot. The only reason that even appeals to me about marriage is that if you change your last name you have like a brand new identity so people from the past can’t come find you. That fantastic plus aside, women need to stop being force-fed this garbage of empowerment.

I told them that they should change their last names because nine out of ten times the man is the bread-winner. The younger girl said she was going to be the bread winner. I told her, that’s fine but be prepared to be miserable for the rest of your life. Women need to stop acting like they want to be in charge, they don’t. They want men to be steering the ship. Why do you think women who are with lesser men cheat on them and have zero respect for them?

I then stated that there is something to be said about traditionalism. What is so bad about taking your husband’s last name? Aren’t you in love with him? Don’t you want everybody to know you are with him? Aren’t you proud of him? I think everybody is desperately trying to be so original that they feel like keeping their maiden name takes a stand against some sort of nonsense. Trust me, it does not, not to mention, there is nothing radical about keeping your maiden name. It’s all been done to death already.

Then they brought up the idea of ownership. That the reason the woman takes the man’s last name is because he became her owner. First of all, this is from years ago. Second of all, isn’t that kind of hot, like a guy that you’re super into, owns you?

Quite frankly If I was a man planning on marriage I would expect my future wife to take my last name, no questions asked.

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Here are this week’s new releases as per Rotten Tomatoes.

The First Purge(2018) 46%
The Purge franchise finally goes the prequel route, this time tracing the origins of the national day of mayhem that allows any crime to be committed for a 12-hour period with no legal consequences.
Directed By: Gerard McMurray
Ruth’s Review: This actually comes out on July 4th. I like the franchise but they need to breath new life into it, like they did with the Fast and the Furious. This seems a tad Tokyo Drift-esque.
Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, and Michael Douglas return for this post-Ifinity War Marvel sequel, in which thief-turned-superhero Scott Lang takes on a partner and struggles to balance his dual life.
Directed By: Peyton Reed
Ruth’s Review: Enough with this comic book shit. Also, I can’t stand Paul Rudd’s face. It is very punchable.
LaKeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, and Armie Hammer star in rapper Boots Riley’s directorial debut, a surreal social satire about a black telemarketer whose career is propelled by the efficacy of his “white voice.”
Directed By: Boots Riley
Ruth’s Review: Great! Just what we need, another movie to teach us about racism. Really groundbreaking stuff here.
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Is This Supposed To Be A Punishment?

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There is a guy that I know that has given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for, silence. You see, I had the relationship with him that was small talk niceties, quite frankly, the worst kind of conversation a person can be subjected to. I really dreaded when I would see him knowing that I had to do the whole small talk crock.

One day, he was complaining to me about something and I told him how to solve his issue. He took great offense that I would make such a suggestion. He walked away visibly agitated.

Anyway, after that fateful day, he has never stopped to talk to me ever again. Is this supposed to make me upset? I don’t like having to talk to anybody. My best days are when I do not utter a single word to another person or have to hear them yak about some inane life story.

It’s rather sad that this is the level of a “man” in today’s society. There is nothing more pathetic than a weak man.

Whatever, thank God for his feeble consistency, now I don’t have to listen to him yammer ever again.

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