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Another One

It seems like Louis C.K. is the newest accused.

If in fact the allegations are true, I must say, this is perhaps the funniest thing he has done in years.

He should probably count this as a blessing.

I hear that movie of his I Love You, Daddy is total garbage.

So congratulations to the fap King!


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All Smiles


Some lady said to me that she feels bad for Melania Trump because she always looks miserable.

I don’t think she looks miserable, that’s just her face. She’s an Eastern European bitch, that’s what we look like.

People are always telling me to smile, I’m not mad, that’s just what I look like.

I guess that’s what years of communism will do to you.

However, lets just say that this was not the reason for the expression on Melania’s face. Maybe she looks less that enthused because for the last two years people just talk shit about her, her husband and her son and she can’t retaliate.

I would imagine that this could be part of the reason she’s not all smiles.

Personally I like that she does not smile, deters wrinkles too.


Too Early?

Image result for stolichnaya vodka orange

I began work at 7:43 AM today.

At approximately 8:02 AM I was drinking my Adirondack Mandarin Orange Seltzer (pay me for the plug.)

While sipping I wished wholeheartedly that there was Stolichnaya Orange Vodka in the bottle.

So, that sums it up.


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I Did Not Care For That

I wasted an entire summer watching Twin Peaks: The Return.

What the heck happened?

The first season of the show was fantastic, the second season was so-so.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, the prequel film to the television show, was pretty darn good as well.

I spent an entire summer watching a retarded version of Special Agent Dale Cooper and no closure to anything.

I get that this is David Lynch so it’s going to be mildly fucked up and you have to think about it, but this was just shit.

The third to last episode gave me hope that this would turnaround, however, the last two episodes were disappointing.

Maybe I’m too dumb or not imaginative enough to understand it, but 10 minutes of Cooper and possibly Laura Palmer driving in a car with no dialogue is a waste of time.

I suppose the entire series is much like how feel about my life, it can’t be real, but it is in fact reality, though there’s now way to prove or negate this claim.

Basically, a total mind-fuck.



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Horrified on Multiple Levels

Apparently they are rebooting the 1980’s classic television show Dynasty. Not much of a surprise considering everything now is recycled from yesteryear when it comes to television and films.

Not only does this look awful, but it is missing something, it doesn’t have the same feel the original had of actually being wealthy assholes.

I am not over the fact that Blake is played by Grant Show. He was like the heartthrob when I was a pre-teen, the bad boy on Melrose Place. How is it possible that he is cast as old man Carrington?

I don’t like that they made Crystal a bitch, that’s Alexis’ thing, which, by the way, where is she?

And to make Sammy Jo a gay man is just shameful, that was Heather Locklear! Hot, young, pre-Tommy Lee Heather Locklear.

This entire thing is a travesty!

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