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Marital Woes

People seem very upset about the outcome of the Mueller Investigation.

I don’t really understand why, it’s like being in a marriage.

It starts off with grandiose promises and ends with no follow through on those promises, everybody hostile towards one another and realizing it was all a big waste of time.

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The Year That Was: 2018


See the source imageWith 2018 wrapping up, it is a time for reflection. Here are some things that I have learned from the last year:

  1. Corporate work environment is very similar to living in a Communist regime.
  2. Perhaps I’m too old to be in a bathroom stall of a strip club holding a stripper’s bag of coke while she goes tinkle in front of me on a Thursday night.
  3.  Impractical Jokers remains to be the funniest show on television.
  4. The old Louis CK is back and funny again.
  5. I am ending another year in a state of fattening that needs to cease.
  6. Kendall Jenner should officially come out because we all know she is a lipstick butch.
  7. The wall is never going to happen.


Guess we will just have to see what 2019 holds.

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Back To Life. Back to Reality.

The first day back to work after vacation is debilitating.

It really makes you think about all of your poor life choices.

The icing on the cake is when a 40 degree temperature drop is involved.

And it only gets better, since I have a tan, everybody will be asking me where I went. I love small talk with idiots.


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The One That Got Away

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What a huge mistake on Trump’s part for letting go of Jeff Sessions!

He was the only member of that administration who was actually delivering on the immigration promises that Trump has made, including Trump.

I hope Trump is playing, as they say, 4D Chess, because the only way to rectify this disastrous blunder would be by placing Sessions in charge of Homeland Security and Kris Kobach as the new AG.

Otherwise, it will be a case of the one that got away. You don’t know how good you have it, till you don’t have it anymore.

Or maybe he could build the wall and we could all call it a day.

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