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The One That Got Away

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What a huge mistake on Trump’s part for letting go of Jeff Sessions!

He was the only member of that administration who was actually delivering on the immigration promises that Trump has made, including Trump.

I hope Trump is playing, as they say, 4D Chess, because the only way to rectify this disastrous blunder would be by placing Sessions in charge of Homeland Security and Kris Kobach as the new AG.

Otherwise, it will be a case of the one that got away. You don’t know how good you have it, till you don’t have it anymore.

Or maybe he could build the wall and we could all call it a day.

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Two Years of Nonsense

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I thought that after the Presidential election two years ago that everybody would shut up and go about their business. Unfortunately, everybody has decided to lose their minds and become obsessed with politics. Political talk gets boring rather quickly. Look at all the dunces on cable news networks that are contributors, they are losers who have no substance.

I must admit one of the most irritating things about the state of affairs is that this political obsession has leaked into everything that is fun: films, television shows, music, comedy and popular culture. I don’t like watching things and then constantly have to hear dialogue that is a jab at the President. I don’t like plot lines that surround the administration’s agenda. I definitely don’t need a PSA in a song. This fixation has all but killed comedy, no more jokes anymore, just Trump is Hitler and Republicans are fascists, a real laugh riot.

Can’t we go back to art being imaginative and original?

And while we are at it, can we please stop all of these celebrity females from talking politics? My God, I can’t see one more of these bubble-headed broads try and tell me who to vote for while wearing glasses to appear smart. Who is their stylist, the prop guy from Saved By the Bell?

Anyway, hopefully this psychosis ends soon so we can all inject a little levity into our lives.


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What A Drag?

So this new Vince Vaughn/ Mel Gibson movie Dragged Across Concrete sounds fucking dope!

Here is the plot from Wikipedia:

Two policemen, one an old-timer (Mel Gibson), the other his volatile younger partner (Vince Vaughn), find themselves suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics become the media’s cause du jour. Low on cash and with no other options, these two embittered soldiers descend into the criminal underworld to gain their just due, but instead find far more than they wanted awaiting them in the shadows

Of course people reviewing it say it is racist, misogynistic, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Who cares? It sounds like it is going to be awesome. Reviewers don’t like it because this shows how people actually are and not how they think people should be.

I’m loving Vince Vaughn since his DUI. I love Mel Gibson since his DUI. Not to mention his hilarious audio tapes, blow me then Jacuzzi seems rather reasonable. I know it seems blasphemous for me to like him since he may not particularly care for Jews and I’m a Heeb, but what do you want he is Australian, they don’t like Jews, but who does? I’m sorry but all should be forgiven with Apocalypto. Great flick!

Anyway, can’t wait for this movie to drop. Looks like it will be a good one!

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Here are this week’s new releases as per Rotten Tomatoes.

James Franco and Zoë Kravitz star in this sci-fi action film about a pair of brothers who are forced to go on the run by a vengeful criminal, with only a mysterious weapon of unknown origins at their disposal.
Ruth’s Review: Ick, why are Franco and Kravits leading film actors. Plot sounds retarded too.
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Maybe This Is Why

The other week the reveal of the black voters’ approval rating of 36% of Donald Trump seemed to stymie many of the political pundits, but then again, what about this Presidency doesn’t?

It’s not that hard to understand, black people, just like other people, like money and in case you missed it, the unemployment rate is low and there are jobs. People have a consistent job and are earning money. It’s not that much of a mystery.

I’m surprised that Donald Trump does not appeal more to black voters. Not that all black people like rap, but Trump is the embodiment of rap culture.

He talks about how rich he is.

He has a good looking wife and has hot side bitches.

He carries a gun and loves guns.

He has haters that are trying to keep him down and he discredits them.

He has a Twitter account that is the equivalent of nothing but diss tracks.

He is braggadocios and unfiltered.

He talks about the size of his privates. (We all remember the small hands dispute.)

He has multiple children form different wives.

He has a private plane.

He is kind of gangsta and does what he wants.

I just figured that since some in the black community enjoy this form of entertainment,that Trump would naturally attract them.

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