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This Is Crazy

Wow, they really did a number on Alex Jones.

He has basically been kicked off of the Internet.

I always wonder who was the first person to ever be thrown out of a bar, but who knows?

Who was the first person to be bounced from the Internet? Well, more or less, Alex Jones.

The fact that this is not a bigger story is super odd and frightening.

Love him, hate him, don’t know anything about him, the regulations that have been thrust upon Alex Jones are ridiculous. People are very capable of coming to their own opinions. I don’t necessarily agree with Alex Jones on everything, but then again, who agrees with anybody about everything, nobody.

I like Alex Jones because he asks questions, some may seem to be a tad on the crackpot, but who cares? It is important to always be asking questions. If people take everything at face value they become complaisant

So this is how it starts, but how does it end?

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Today is the TJ Maxx Fall Runway event and I will be attending.

I love my designer clothing. I have to say my love of it is probably the most Jewish American Princess-like thing about me.

Well, I’m loud and obnoxious, but that’s all Jews.

It’s not even like I’m into all designers, just a select few, but shoes, bags and clothing are my downfall.

I don’t care about nails, hair, jewelry, though I am a waxer, but that’s just for upkeep.

Perhaps if I had children in my life I would not need these objects, but I don’t. So what if I want a nice pair of Chanel boots? At least if I buy them, they are an investment and will be worth far more once vintage.

Yes, I realize I should just shut my mouth because at this juncture I’m sounding straight up J.A.P.

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The Ultimate Out

The other day I was out walking in an attempt to be less fat and there was an older guy, mid-fifties with a dog.

The guy was actually in really good shape for his age, but he had long surfer hair and sort of like this beach bum look to him, sufficed to say, it’s not for me.

He had a gorgeous Husky with him.

As I walked towards him I could sense this is a guy that’s about a numbers game and he was going to try and chat with me.

Of course, being the weasel that I am, I got my out.

As I am very mannered, I said hello and did a head nod and the guy started talking about the heat so I didn’t even stop, kept going and said, “yeah, I hate dogs, I gotta go,”

What kind of lunatic am I? I like dogs, but what kind of person says that they don’t? Even people who don’t like animals, don’t tell other people that they don’t.

Anyway, when I saw this guy again with his adorable Husky, he moved to the other side of the street.

I’m just saying, all you MeToo bitches just need to be far more clever.

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Not A Good Look

In case it has not been thrust down your throat enough, John McCain died. I’m not on some McCain shit, I did vote for him, only because he was not Obama, but that’s where it begins and ends with me on McCain.

What makes me actually like him is that he specifically did not allow Donald Trump and Sarah Palin to attend his funeral services. Now, I’m a spiteful cunt which is why this appeals to me and I think it is pretty funny. However, I’ve had to listen to everybody regurgitate that McCain was a hero and this great person. Well, if this is so true, then why is he pulling bitchy ass high school level Mean Girls shit? I mean, it is not a good look on a man, any man.

If he was as wonderful as they all claim he would have wanted anybody to attend, despite their differences.

So people can say all day long what a heck of a guy Maverick was, but his last actions tell a completely different story.

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Like the Creepy Old Lady That I Am

The other day I was doing something for work which required me to interact with a young gentleman of the  age of 19. I have to make it clear that it was work related, otherwise it might seem rather odd. Why would a 37 year old lady have to talk with a 19 year old boy unless it was her son?

I started talking with this guy who was actually not socially retarded, which is few and far between of the millennial generation, though he technically may be on the cusp of Generation Z. He is going into his Sophomore year at Roger Williams University. I have a very good friend that went there and still lives in the town, Bristol, RI. We were talking about Bristol and the school and what he may do for Graduate School as he is in the architecture program.

The entire time I’m talking to this kid, I’m looking at him, like shit, he is fine as fuck. He was tall, a little bit on the scrawny side, tan skin, light brown hair and gorgeous blue-green eyes. What a pervert? He could legit be my son if I was a total whore or as they call them now, a teen mom.  I know it’s wrong but if he was like, listen old lady, I want to fuck you, in a heartbeat, no thought necessary, I would be in.

At least I wasn’t a total slime, I could’ve asked him where he hangs out in Bristol. I’m sure he does fine with the young girls, but if given a chance I would turn him out. Good Bless, young, hot, courteous white boys.

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