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This Is My Life

So what did my night consist of last night?

I suppose a bit of a revelation.

Wednesday night in gross strip clubs with two married guys.

I think it is time to reevaluate some things in my life.

Getting home at 3:00 AM and then going into work is a young man’s game.

However, I must say the stories from last night make it worth it.

Heck of a night.

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It’s Time

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It is very official, I need to lose some pounds.

I was at the gym, hat down low, ear buds in and away on an elliptical in the corner.

This guy comes out of his way to come talk to me. (I mean God bless him for having the guts to make the approach.)

And although Chris Rock has the joke, I said way before him, but I will credit him with it since nobody knows who I am.

To paraphrase, white girls don’t need a scale, they know they need to lose weight when a black guy starts hitting on them.

Did I mention the guy was black? Yes, the black guy, named Prince.

Now, most people probably think, maybe I’m being racist. I still stand by that it isn’t me so much as my pussy.

That being said, he is just not an attractive chap on any level.

I was shocked because I feel like I usually give off a wicked butch vibe and apparently he was not feeling it.

I suppose none of this is relevant and at the end of the day, I need to lose some weight, stat!

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I Would Be More Than Happy to Oblige

See the source imageIt seems the President is need of a new Chief of Staff and I would be more than happy to fill in.

Why not?

It seems to put no thought into who he picks for positions in his administration, at the very least I would harangue him about that big, beautiful wall we were promised.

I actually would be really good at that job, I am super organized and I’m great at telling people to fuck off, both politely and impolitely.

On top of that, who could be a more random pick than some unknown.

This is total reality television show theatrics and dramatics.

Or if he is not interested, perhaps he should just bring back Hope Hicks.

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Bored People

I’m not on some Kevin Hart shit, but the fact that he is no longer hosting the Oscars because of something he tweeted years ago is insane.

The Oscars are obsolete anyways so a get like Hart probably would have been good for their ratings and boy, do they need them.

So because Hart wrote some stuff that years ago that people did not like, he now has to be punished? Since when do we all have to like everybody? Are people not allowed to hate anymore? I’m not saying you need to agree, but people are allowed to feel how they want to about things. Not to mention, that perhaps the way somebody felt about something several years ago is not they way the feel about it in the present.

Perfect example, two years ago I for sure thought there would be a wall along the southern border, now, I know that is not going to happen.

Lastly, what losers are scrolling through years of social media postings? Do you think they wake up in the morning and think, “Gee, who’s life should I attempt to destroy today?”

We are living in a time where everybody is just pathetic, uninteresting bores. It’s time that something gets spiced up culturally.

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That’s A Big One

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In my recent travels I noticed quite an interesting phenomenon. The majority of the couples that were vacationing had guys that were not in bad shape and women who were fatsos.

I could not believe it. These women were not slightly chunky, they were hefty. They were easily seventy to eighty pounds overweight.

The curious case was why these men were with these behemoths?

They could easily get another woman who was not so large. I don’t care how affable these rotund bitches are, there must some woman that is just as nice that can actually fit into pants with buttons.

Statistically, there were too many of these specimen to chalk it up to a fetish fat thing.

These beasts let themselves go and their men are too weak to let them know or let them go.

It really boggles the mind.

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