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I guess Devin Kelley is the new flavor of the month, though I’m much more partial to Stephen Paddock, well really, the Paddock boys.

The best part is now the Feds don’t have to tell us anything about the Las Vegas Massacre.

I’m sure they are sighing a breath of relief.

I don’t know why they would sweat it anyways, we never got an answer about the Orlando Night Club shooting.

I’m still waiting for the CCTV footage of Omar Mateen to be released.

And people wonder why conspiracy theories develop and why there is no trust in the government.

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Comedy Is Over

Read this, you’ll agree. It was a good run.


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Like Out of a Movie

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I was driving into work this morning and it was a lovely day.

Sunny, blue sky, no clouds and already 70 degrees.

As I continued my journey further to my place of employ there were this overwhelming grey.

It was as if I was entering into clouds of despair which grew thicker the closer I got to my office building.

This was like some bizarre way of the weather channeling how I feel.

Of course, several hours into work the weather is gorgeous.

Today is a total Ferris Bueller’s sort of day. How can I possibly be expected to work on a day like this?

Where’s somebody that can let me borrow a Ferrari real quick?

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That’s Pretty Remarkable

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I was talking with one of the guys that works in the mailroom and he said that I was the only person in the entire company that actually stops and talks with the mailroom guys. Not just a polite how are you, but an actual exchange.

Do you understand how insane that is? The company has thousands of employees. He has done the mail runs on every single route there is.

I am the only person that actually converses with them and that is really sad.

I don’t get why they wouldn’t talk to them? They are super nice, chill and by the way, when I call for something they are super helpful.

It’s a very bourgeoisie versus proletariat mentality, rather unsettling.

I also am friendly with the facilities and security people. I help them and they help me. Not to mention, they are basically some of the only people that you can actually have a fun conversation with.

It’s pretty pathetic that I’m the only one that will take the time to chit chat with them.

It’s like I always say, I’m a woman of the people, but I hate the people.”

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I Don’t Think It’s For Me

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I returned to work yesterday after a week of vacation

I must admit, I’m not meant to work. I’m better than working.

Some people really thrive in working conditions, I’m not one of them.

I really need to bite the bullet and pull of the Anna Nicole dream, really old, really rich, really dead.

The trifecta!

I would love to win it through gambling, but that will never happen. The Anna Nicole method is far more feasible.

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