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Your Gear Is Whack

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There are several young girls in their twenties who work in my building. They have good bodies, but sweet Jesus, they can’t dress. They have no sense of style. How does this even happen? I never understood how a woman can have zero sense in fashion. The slap in the face is that they have the bodies to wear really nice things, but they look like frumps. What a waste!

This is not a matter of debating what is or is not fashionable. This is legit bitches showing up to work looking like disheveled sacks. How can you be young, with a good body and not know how to dress? Plus, these girls can get away with more edgy pieces because of their youth. I want to have an intervention with them. It’s that bad.

It’s like they try and wear what is on trend but somehow fuck it all up. It looks cheap, not in a whore-ish way but in a inexpensive, bargain bin sort of way. It’s gross.

They might as well just get fat and wear sweat suits, at least then they would have an excuse.

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I’m A Creep

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I know this is awful since she is not technically of age, but in her state I think she’s the age of consent. But Lola Grace Consuelos, the daughter of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos has insane milkers.

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That’s all, I’m awful.

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Thirty Years

After thirty years, a man at work retired. This is what happened.

They gave him a last minute, poorly thrown together breakfast send off.

They sent out a last minute invitation on the morning of, to this pathetic breakfast bon voyage.

I happened to be outside when the man was leaving for the last time. He was carrying several boxes and was escorted out by two women who worked directly with him. They gave him hugs goodbye.

Did they offer to help him take the boxes to the car? No.

Did they offer to wait while he pulled his car around and then help him with the boxes? No.

They went inside and this poor bastard with his half un-tucked shirt, waddled his way all the way to the very far end of the parking lot, lugging the boxes with no one to help him.

This is what thirty years of dedication gets you, a shit goodbye and a see you later.

I believe that I could actually hear the crushing of a soul.

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Well You Don’t Have Kids

The other day I was speaking with a guy I know. I’m not friends with him, it’s more every so often we exchange conversation. So he starts telling me how his daughter who is going into her senior year of college and just cam back form doing a  semester abroad in Italy wants to move into an apartment off campus. Keep in mind this guy pays for all of it.

So he starts complaining that he’s not sure how he’s going to get all of her stuff there and that she wants to move her bed from home to the apartment. I said, ” Well, that’s not your problem. That’s hers. She should come up with the logistics and then just tell you the plan.” This guy got visibly irritated and as the conversation continued he just kept replying, “Well, you don’t have kids.”

No, I don’t have kids, but though his daughter is his kid, she is not a kid. She is 21. I know what 21 is, I was a 21 year old girl, I worked for years with people who were 21. I’m pretty fucking familiar what people in that age group are capable of doing. I wasn’t telling him that she should move it all herself, I was merely saying that he should not be stressed out about the how, the daughter should be supplying it.

At one point I said, “Does she have a friend with a truck that could help her out?” To which this retard replied, “I teach her not to depend on people.” I said, “Well she depends on you.” Of course to which he replied, “Well, you don’t have kids.” No, but what a shit life lesson, he is crippling this girl, she will always run to him for everything. It’s called a life, you should be able to depend on others and sometimes you get burnt and then you learn.

This exchange really irritated me because this man is the same one who complains about millennials being ill equipped for life, well who is making them that way? Dear Lord man, she’s is never going to be able to get things done if you don’t let her do it on her own. These people are creating the monsters and then bitching about their shitty creations.

He’s lucky I held my tongue and didn’t tell him the only reason he is like this with her is because he is overcompensating for his failed marriage to her mother.

But then again, I don’t have kids, so I just don’t know anything.

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This Explains Everything, Almost

I have never taken the Myers-Briggs personality test until the other day. Apparently I should have taken this years ago and it would have explained so much to me. I am an INTJ personality. (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) Apparently less than .08% of the female population has this personality. When I started to read more about females with this personality it revealed so much. All these things that are weird about me are still weird, but it explains why I’m not the norm.

This explains why it has been and is difficult for me to relate to other women and why women most often resent me, why I was always drawn more to what are deemed to be masculine things, why people see me as cold-hearted (I’m not, they’re just emotional), why I was never interested in marriage and children, why weak men can’t stand me but strong me tend to be my lifelong, good friends, my extremely dark sense of humor, my indifference to sex being a big deal, and my having no tolerance for lies and expecting the truth.

Like I said, I’m still a freak, but apparently I’m just wired differently.

This is what it most feel like when you get a fortune cookie and the fortune is actually accurate.

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