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Who Says Women Aren’t Funny?

Apparently, Amy Schumer when she does a “comedy” set.


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Who Cares What Kanye Thinks?

Who cares what Kanye West thinks? Can we please get over that he supports President Trump and is associating with people who hold conservative beliefs? Why in the world would anybody give this a second thought? I don’t really give a shit what any celebrity thinks about politics. These people all live in a different world of armed guards and gated communities. Their views and opinions on life mean nothing because they are living in an alternate reality.

People seemed to lose their minds and be shocked that West was saying and doing all these things. What’s so shocking? Nothing. Quite frankly, I don’t really care about any person’s political views aside form the people that I’m voting to represent me. Political conversation is beyond boring and although with the current President it is far more comical, it still falls somewhere in the realm of weather conversation.

I think what people should be shocked about is not Kanye rocking a MAGA hat, nobody is going to do or say anything to him, mainly because they can’t get by security. The mind blowing thing is that an average citizen can’t wear a MAGA hat without some sort of repercussion whether it be a physical altercation or denial of service at a restaurant. I have a hat, I don’t wear it outside. What does that say? What sort of country are we living in? People who voted for President Trump are still afraid to admit that they did. Isn’t that a frightening concept, that in America, people don’t feel comfortable enough to say who they voted for?

So perhaps people should not be consumed with Kanye West, but rather focus on how discourse and opposing ideas are no longer allowed to be expressed freely.

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In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Today isĀ Star Wars Day.

May the 4th be with you.

Get it?

Ugh, no wonder there are communities of incels and waifu worshipers.

When will the revenge of the nerds nightmare end?


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The Blob Continued

The Blob has officially moved in as my neighbor and quite frankly it’s worse than I ever could have imagined.

To be fair it is not just me that feels this way, my other neighbors are not too hot on The Blob either.

The Blob is grotesque, inside and out. It has no office etiquette. You know it is pretty bad if I’m the one saying they are ill-mannered.

The worst part is that there is no way of avoiding The Blob. You try and ignore it, but it does not pick up on social cues. I’m doing my best George Costanza of looking aggravated so I appear busy, but The Blob yammers on about itself and its Basic Bitch life.

If The Blob continues at this rate I will genuinely have to pull out my box cutter and end my misery. Though I’m sure The Blob will be so involved talking about itself it would not even notice that I was bleeding out.

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I knew before I signed up for it that I would most likely not like working in a corporate environment. When I drove in for my first interview I thought gross and by the time I left I thought there was no way I could ever work at such a place. Well, I drank from the corporate well and here I am in the land of Corporate America. I suppose I should be happy that I am at a stable company with growth potential, but I find myself rather torn. Quite frankly, I detest the corporate culture mentality where groupthink is rewarded and individual ideas are frowned upon. However, I still need to make a living. This has brought me to the juncture of where do I go?

I find that being in this position is not only soul crushing, but makes me more miserable than normal. It is draining to drudge through the every day minutia of what seems to be like a communist regime. I know it sounds odd to say a pillar of capitalism invokes communist ideas, but it does. It is communal space, everybody works together, they feed you company “language” that needs to be regurgitated and you need to fall in line with company policy, initiatives and culture.

Perhaps it is my lineage of coming from a truly Communist regime, but all of this makes me want to rebel. I like free thought and discourse. I don’t want to fall in line just to be able to get a shot at a bigger cube or gasp, an actual office. These are not motivators for the likes of me.

I suppose now is the time to chose if I stay in this world of homogeny or break free.

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