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Head for the Hills

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Why are they rebooting The Hills?

The reason it was interesting in the first place was that it was a bunch of single, vapid, young, hot twenty-somethings spread against a back drop of beaches, palm trees, shopping, lunching and clubbing.

Nobody is interested in watching a bunch of married with children, vapid, less hot then they were, thirty-somethings maneuver through Los Angeles. If they did, they would tune into the Real Housewives franchise.

And why are Mischa Barton and Pamela Anderson’s and Tommy Lee’s son involved?

I loved the original, but this doesn’t even remotely interest me.

MTV really is grasping at straws. So sad, since they were actually cutting edge once.

Guess the ratings will be the judge.

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Corporate Cunts

Generally most women are cunts, but for some reason this percentage gets drastically higher in a corporate environment.

Women who think they are high level somebodies are atrociously rude and brutal to other people they deem lower than them.

Drunk off what they think is some sort of power, they are unbearable. The most annoying part is that the have the four wall balls.

They know that because they are at work nobody can actually punch them in their dumb bitch faces. These mother fuckers would never dare take a tone like that in real life circumstances.

I pray for the day when I don’t need to give a fuck anymore and just verbally deconstruct their hideousness so barbarically to them that they have a break down.

People are always saying that companies don’t have as many female CEOs and high level executives, maybe it’s because women are cunts. And no, I’m not saying this because a woman who is in power and direct gets called a bitch and a man doing the same thing gets glossed over. That’s feminist horseshit. I’ve met guy bosses who are cunts too.

I’m blunt as fuck and I can be a cunt at times, but I am not disrespectful to people at work, if I was, these bitches would know what’s up and shut their traps for once.

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Unfortunately I work in a corporate environment and I truly detest it. I was having a conversation with one of my co-workers. I don’t particularly care for her. She is a low energy dud. I’m not sure how we got on the topic, but we were discussing working in a corporate environment and she stated that she loves it.

I have never in my life heard an actual real life person say something like this.

Who could possibly like it?

It is authoritarian. I have made the comparison before, it is like a communist regime.

I always knew this girl was lame, but now I can confirm that she is also dumb as a rock. She is not a visionary. She has no imagination. She is a fall-in-line hack, nobody.

The startling part is that she is interested in art, she has a degree in art history. How can a person who values culture actually enjoy being in the corporate realm?

How can any person at all enjoy being in corporate?

It never ceases to amaze me how many people have lethargic, stale minds.

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It’s Everybody’s’ Problem

I was reading an article about the midterm elections and it was discussing what they dubbed, “Trump’s Woman Problem.” Basically, they were saying that women don’t care for Trump so they would not be voting for those he endorses.

Unfortunately, if you look at demographics of strictly female voters they vote blue regardless.

This is not just a Trump problem, but a problem for the country.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I would be willing to give up my right to vote if they ended women’s suffrage.

I don’t even get why they lean to the Dems, what have they done for women that is so great? Quite frankly, all the liberal hooey that they have brainwashed females with has made them far more miserable. From the hurrahing of the single mother and breakdown of the nuclear family to the idea that women in the workforce would make them happier and more fulfilled, and the gem that Hillary Clinton is a great representation of a strong woman,  these are all things that are untrue but women have been conned in to. (Perhaps if they are not smart enough to realize this they should not be voting to begin with.)

That’s what these women need to be asking, what are the policies and how are they helping me and my family? Do you know how many times I’ve heard women say that they don’t like a candidate because of how he looks or the language he uses when he speaks? Well who cares? He could be the Elephant Man, but if he is running on a platform I endorse I’m voting for that freak of nature.

I’m just saying either women need to be more informed on facts and vote with reason over emotion or just take the privilege away completely.

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Why do these retarded celebrity reporters and paparazzi ask celebrities this dumb fucking question, “who is your celebrity crush?”

Well, lets see, since they are adults and not 12 year old girls, perhaps they should be just asking the real question instead of this candy-coated nonsense, “What celebrity do you want to fuck?”

I don’t even think it is rude, we don’t need code language, we are all adults here.

Not to mention that Hollywood is depraved. I don’t believe a question like this would offend the delicate sensibilities of these debauched elites.

Does everything have to be so sterile and cookie cutter corporate for the public?

I wish just one celebrity would call them out on this, but I think we will not see another Britney Spears – Charlie Sheen level meltdown ever again.

It’s a shame, at least it would be authentic.



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