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Not Even One

I was thinking about my recent vacation since I refuse to fully return back to my real life and something really struck me as a statistical impossibility.

There was not one super hot guy that I saw at the resort.

I just wanted something fun to look at, but how can this even be?

Does being coupled up lead to hideousness? There were a few guys that you could tell were once hot, but those days are behind them, hidden underneath what I call their, “happy fat.”

And so I’m not called sexist yet again, there weren’t any really hot girls there. Yeah there were a few sets of some nice gargoyles and decent bodies, but not one smoke show.

It’s not like they were total messes, but even the best looking couples were just almost good looking, like they were probably average at best, but looked better considering the rest of the sample.

At least the island scenery was gorgeous.

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5 Minutes

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I was enjoying a dip in the Caribbean Sea when all of a sudden it was ruined by the heinous shriek of a an insufferable twit.

There were two younger couples, looked to be in their early twenties, who were on vacation in paradise and yet this one girl was just angry.

This was shocking for two reasons, the first was that she is young and cute and on vacation and the second was from the sound of her accent she was from the South , I thought they were all hospitable?

Anyway, she continued to scream at and berate her boyfriend. It was extremely uncomfortable.

I just needed a few minutes of this shrill cuntiness to decide that he should just drown her because that would be his only option to receive some peace and quiet. (I think this answers what happened to Natalie Holloway.)

I legit wanted to swim over and have an intervention with him and be like, “Dude, you can find a girl who is cuter and nicer.” I have saved many a young man from abusive relationships with hideous, vile women.

If this bitch is this awful at this point in the relationship, it’s time to call it quits and move on.

Quite frankly, this girl should’ve been blowing him for taking her on such a nice vacation. The gall of her to just unleash on him. I hope he cheats on her regularly.

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Head for the Hills

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Why are they rebooting The Hills?

The reason it was interesting in the first place was that it was a bunch of single, vapid, young, hot twenty-somethings spread against a back drop of beaches, palm trees, shopping, lunching and clubbing.

Nobody is interested in watching a bunch of married with children, vapid, less hot then they were, thirty-somethings maneuver through Los Angeles. If they did, they would tune into the Real Housewives franchise.

And why are Mischa Barton and Pamela Anderson’s and Tommy Lee’s son involved?

I loved the original, but this doesn’t even remotely interest me.

MTV really is grasping at straws. So sad, since they were actually cutting edge once.

Guess the ratings will be the judge.

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It’s Everybody’s’ Problem

I was reading an article about the midterm elections and it was discussing what they dubbed, “Trump’s Woman Problem.” Basically, they were saying that women don’t care for Trump so they would not be voting for those he endorses.

Unfortunately, if you look at demographics of strictly female voters they vote blue regardless.

This is not just a Trump problem, but a problem for the country.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I would be willing to give up my right to vote if they ended women’s suffrage.

I don’t even get why they lean to the Dems, what have they done for women that is so great? Quite frankly, all the liberal hooey that they have brainwashed females with has made them far more miserable. From the hurrahing of the single mother and breakdown of the nuclear family to the idea that women in the workforce would make them happier and more fulfilled, and the gem that Hillary Clinton is a great representation of a strong woman,  these are all things that are untrue but women have been conned in to. (Perhaps if they are not smart enough to realize this they should not be voting to begin with.)

That’s what these women need to be asking, what are the policies and how are they helping me and my family? Do you know how many times I’ve heard women say that they don’t like a candidate because of how he looks or the language he uses when he speaks? Well who cares? He could be the Elephant Man, but if he is running on a platform I endorse I’m voting for that freak of nature.

I’m just saying either women need to be more informed on facts and vote with reason over emotion or just take the privilege away completely.

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Why do these retarded celebrity reporters and paparazzi ask celebrities this dumb fucking question, “who is your celebrity crush?”

Well, lets see, since they are adults and not 12 year old girls, perhaps they should be just asking the real question instead of this candy-coated nonsense, “What celebrity do you want to fuck?”

I don’t even think it is rude, we don’t need code language, we are all adults here.

Not to mention that Hollywood is depraved. I don’t believe a question like this would offend the delicate sensibilities of these debauched elites.

Does everything have to be so sterile and cookie cutter corporate for the public?

I wish just one celebrity would call them out on this, but I think we will not see another Britney Spears – Charlie Sheen level meltdown ever again.

It’s a shame, at least it would be authentic.



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