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I’m Not Sitting Next to that Blob!

I recently learned that the replacement for my co-worker who passed away is close to being hired. Yes, that’s right, they decided to start interviewing ten days after she passed for a position that did not need to be filled promptly. The vultures were out in full force, the same ones who came to me with crocodile tears when they learned she had gone. I have no respect for any of these piggish, opportunistic swine.

That being said, the replacement would have to sit near me. On top of my not liking her to begin with and the added disdain for her participation in this job grab, she is just unaesthetically pleasing, She is like a big bowl of slop. I don’t want to be near that. She is a gargantuan beast. She uses up-speak like a cute twenty-something girl, but she’s a slab of pale doughy yuck.

I can’t possibly be expected to sit next to that. It’s totally going to ruin the property value.

To add insult to injury, she’s a super annoying, me-me-me hog.

I sense that this will not end well.

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Solipsism Anyone?

I have never worked in such a toxic environment. The most frightening part of these sociopaths is their complete egocentrism. They only care about how things will benefit them. Now, normally this may be mildly insane to deal with so many people having this horrible trait, but it is amplified in that the company culture is all about family and having one another’s back.

I am far too old to deal with this level of self-centeredness and evil bitchiness. I didn’t play this shit twenty years ago and I’m sure as heck not going to stand for it now. The me-me-me attitude in the entire corporation is beyond appalling. This is probably the most hostile and uncomfortable place I have ever worked.

I am still trying to wrap my head around how awful these people are. I worked in a bar for four years, trust me, I’ve encountered some crazy, sociopathic, selfish assholes, but at least I could drink there or tell those cunts to fuck off. I can’t do either in this situation. Though perhaps, that would make me far more happy.

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Why Did Nobody Tell Me?

I just found out that a guy I can’t stand one single bit is not only loathed by yours truly, but in fact everybody despises him. I feel vindicated. I’m not the asshole, this guy is the asshole.

However I was so disappointed that nobody told me how much they hated him. We could’ve bonded over our mutual disdain!

Do you have any idea the hours of hate we could’ve shared together? It’s so upsetting. I love a good shit talking session. It is unfortunate that I can’t express my true feelings to this man’s face as it would be deemed unprofessional, whatever the heck that’s supposed to mean.

In conversation I found out just how much more of a true piece of shit this guy is.

I am happy that soon he will be completely removed form my orbit. I don’t wish ill on him, I just wish he would get the fuck away from me, stat!

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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Like A Bad Joke

I feel like I’m living the lyrics to Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5. I’m so over doing my boss’ job. They are making probably double my salary. Why the fuck should I be doing any of the things that I’m doing?

This is complete bullshit. I’m so over it. What’s in it for me? This is like the Communist system. I’m working my ass off and I get the same as another person in my position who doesn’t do dick. No recognition, no option for mobility, the entire thing is completely defeatist.

I have to figure something else out pronto. This is not only enraging but depressing. I’m sick of making these dumb, incompetent, uneducated uncouth retards look good. Fuck this bullshit system.

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Oblivious Dolt

I will never understand people’s inability to pick up on social cues.

There is this person who I can’t stand, but the man is a complete fool and absolutely believes that I enjoy him. I Don’t!!!!

Unfortunately due to the circumstances I can’t just say, “I don’t like you.” Which in any real world situation without constraints is precisely what I would say to him.

Here’s the thing, I don’t know why he likes me. I’m not particularly nice to him. I don’t fuck around with him the way I do with people who I do like.

I’m so not one of those people who likes people just because they like me. I’ve always had people who like me for some reason and yet,  I can’t stand them.

It makes no sense. I don’t like me. Why would other people like me? Especially people that I’m an asshole to.

Dear Lord give me strength to not blow up on this stupid, useless imbecile!


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