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Just A Follow Up

I did end up making this purchase and trying these.

They were pretty darn delectable.

Would I get them again?

Probably not, but I’m not disappointed.

It’s better to have tried and known, then to have continued living with the mystery.


Are These Any Good?

These look like they might be pretty, pretty, pretty good.

I believe I see a purchase in my future.



Too Early?

Image result for stolichnaya vodka orange

I began work at 7:43 AM today.

At approximately 8:02 AM I was drinking my Adirondack Mandarin Orange Seltzer (pay me for the plug.)

While sipping I wished wholeheartedly that there was Stolichnaya Orange Vodka in the bottle.

So, that sums it up.


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Movie Magic

Image result for mercedes lane license to drive

I was at work the other day and realized there is somebody in my company with the name Mercedes Lane.


Holy cow! For those of you not in the know, that was the character played by a very young Heather Graham in the Corey Haim-Corey Feldman teen romp License to Drive.

You know? The soundtrack featured the great Billy Ocean’s Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car.

I can’t believe it.

I want to meet her.


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Can We Make This Happen?

Pretty much once a week I’ll ask my boss if we can just leave and go play miniature golf. He always responds with a yes, but it’s clearly not sincere since we have yet to go play.

I haven’t played min-golf in ages, but hey, it’s something that is team building-esque which falls in line with corporate ideology.

Now, I think playing would be sort of fun, but my real draw is that all mini-golf places have ice cream. Usually, they have really good ice cream.

I want mini-golf ice cream!!!

Not to mention, they usually have really good french fries too.

I mean we were forced to go to school, but at least they had field trips. Even if where you were going sucked, it was still better than being in classes.

Can’t we have one little field trip? I’ll make sure my parent sign my permission slip.

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