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This Can’t Be Real Life

See the source imageI feel like this can’t possibly be my real life and that perhaps I am in my version of purgatory. It’s almost like the movie Groundhog’s Day. Life just seems monotonous and no matter what I try to do nothing changes. This seems like a version of purgatory. It is torture to the soul.

However, I think that though this may be a version of purgatory for me, it may be a reality to somebody else.

People who seem content and satisfied, for them, this may all be real.

Or perhaps this is all everything thrown into one, that this not a reality for any of us, that it is heaven, hell and purgatory all lumped together in one place and that is why certain people are in more or less fortunate situations. This may be why some areas are war torn and other are relatively peaceful or some have are more developed while other remain in the Third World.

I believe that there is a life lottery, but maybe this is not really life but an after-life.

Whether real or not, whatever this is, for me, it is torment.

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In The Wild

I recently ran into a guy that I work with outside of work. No big deal, but kind of. I’m used to him being a complete psycho, like in a good way, like me, but he was with his family. His pregnant wife, his son and his daughter. It was mind blowing. I just could not compute this version of him.

It reminded me of when I used to bartend and the male regulars’ wives or girlfriends would come in and I would have to watch what I say and they would be all weird.

When I saw my co-worker the next day I told him I didn’t know how I was supposed to be with the family guy version of him. He said he is the same way at home that he is at work.

I don’t know. I’m guessing he’s not freely throwing around the word cunt at home, oh wait that’s me.

But, I’m sure he is definitely not talking about sexual content, well maybe, I mean his wife is pregnant.

Perhaps I am the problem, maybe my years of working with mentally ill and sociopathic people in the bars has made me hesitant in normal interactions. Or perhaps it is just better I keep my mouth shut in a  family friendly environment.


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I remember fifteen years ago I stated that people had gone so far off the rails with their wild, debauched decadence that it would no longer be shocking and that the only thing that would be unbelievable is being very conservative. For example, years ago being a whore was taboo and wild, now it is praised as feminism whereas in the older days, not being promiscuous was the norm and now a person who is not having casual sex is considered strange.

I think that my prediction really came to fruition with  Kanye West rolling with conservatives. Everybody had a total meltdown, they were outraged. Now, I don’t really believe that he is a person with conservative beliefs. I think that he enjoys showmanship and is clever enough to realize that what he is saying and what he is doing would be deemed controversial. The man loves a good showstopper, from the Hurricane Katrina Benefit to the Taylor Swift VMAs interruption. Whether West is doing this for intentional shock value or not, it proves the point that conservative ideals are now part of the counterculture.

It seems inevitable since the liberal ideals of today are even too much for some people who have believed in liberal ideology for their entire lives. I am curious to see if this countering of liberalism can really permeate the culture.

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It Was All A Dream

I had a  dream the other night that was super annoying. First of all, a guy I used to have sex with was in it. I have not thought about that specimen in years. That is not an exaggeration, I forgot about his existence until he came to me in my dream.

I hope this dream was not like some prophetic thing, like I’m Joseph, though I wouldn’t mind a Technicolor dream coat. I can’t run into this dunce in real life. I don’t have anything to say to him and I’m rather sure that what I really think what would be written all over my adorable little face. God did not bestow upon me a poker face.

The point of the dream was that this retard was getting married. The bride was hot, super hot and I was a guest. None of this bothered me, I just thought in the dream, weird that I would not only be invited to this union, but that I would attend. Dreams are odd. However, the part that enraged me was that he was marrying a Jewish girl.

I was appalled that her gorgeous big fat juicy Jew tits would be molested by this tool. I think the fact that it was a formal Jewish ceremony is what really set me off. I can’t figure out why this bothered me so much. I’m not like super religious or anything, but the thought of this pig marrying this lovely Heeb was nauseating.

Thank goodness none of this was real. Lets just hope I don’t actually run into this misshapen sloth.

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Has Everybody Lost It?

I was watching a clip on some ABC news outlet in regards to the upcoming Academy Awards show. The entire point of this hard hitting piece was if the Oscars have become diverse enough or if they still have a ways to go?

What. The. Fuck.

In case we have all forgotten, these awards are based on being the best, whether it be acting, writing or directing. It has nothing to do with race or diversity. This does not seem like it should even be a discussion.

I am shocked that there were that many “diverse” nominees to begin with.

I don’t get Denzel Washington. I think he stinks. He is the same in every movie, like a black Leonardo DiCaprio.

That dumb movie Get Out is awful. The acting was weak, the plot was retarded and the only mildly funny part was when the bitch from Lena Dunham’s show had her ear buds in listening to I’ve Had the Time of My Life.

Perhaps the diversity is lacking because the work isn’t good enough to be awarded?


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