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Wasted Time

There is this guy that I can’t stand and I found out the other day that some other people echo my sentiments.

I’m so annoyed, you mean to tell me we all could have hated him together for months.

What a waste of great bonding slash shit talking time!

By the way, you know this guy is a total scumbag because the two other people who can’t tolerate him are both men.

One of the guys is super mellow. The other guy is just a nice guy who gets along with every single person.

For men like this to turn like this sour really makes me feel justified in my disdain.

I suppose I should focus on the positive. I should not be upset about the time we lost, but rather all the fun times yet to come.


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Does This Make Any Sense?

So there’s this guy that I know that looks a lot like some celebrity.

I’m not even into the actual celebrity by any means.

However, this guy looks so much like the celebrity that part of me is just thinking, you should totally have sex with him.

It’s almost like a vicarious star fucking.

I would actually be more apt to fuck the lookalike than the actual celebrity.

It seems like the more interesting story for later.

I am not quite sure that his makes any sense, but when has that ever stopped me before?

Perhaps, this will be a go.

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Oh Baby

Who would win in a fight?

Dumpster Baby or Anchor Baby

I’m thinking this could be an interesting plot to an Action-Adventure movie.

Don’t judge me, at least it is an original idea and not a remake or a superhero movie.

Personally, I think Dumpster Baby would win and could throw a nice patriotic spin on the plot.

Maybe in a sequel, it could be the winner versus Crack Baby? That’s having high hopes though.

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Back to the Present

The other day I was at an apartment complex that was once considered very posh about thirty years ago. In my youth this building was difficult to get into and the residents were mainly composed of older, rich Jews and W.A.S.P.s.

Well, boy oh boy, have those demographics shifted.

The complex is now basically anybody but old, rich Jews and W.A.S.P.s.

It is almost like the alternate version of 1985 Hill Valley. What shifted in the space time continuum?

I guess my question is, why did this have such a radical shift? There are areas that remain the same for decades. What happened to have such a transformation?

I’m not saying this is a good thing or a bad thing, I’m just wondering what caused such a change?

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If you know that you are doing or thinking something crazy, but are aware that it is crazy, does it make less crazy?

I have seen many people do something that is insane and I wonder if they realize they are being unhinged or if they have no clue? If they have no idea that this is nuts, then are they more nuts?

I can think of many girls I know that were talking about doing something bat-shit to they guy they were with or pursuing and I would sometimes advise them against it. However, they still went and did their demented act. Are they more crazy because they should have known better because of intervention?

I am guilty of doing some disturbing things, but I know in the moment that what I’m doing is not normal. Since I’m self-aware of the madness does that make me less crazy? Maybe it makes me more crazy because I know better but still do it. Or does this fall under the guise of a moral compass of right versus wrong?

Regardless, it is all still unbalanced.

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