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Press Your Luck

Do you think that we are all allotted a certain amount of luck for our lifetimes?

If this is the case, I am in big trouble.

I know a lot of things are within a person’s own control, but there is always an element of luck, like being in the right place at the right time.

I am pretty sure I have squandered all my luck for this lifetime.

It all got used up on stupid things, mainly in my twenties.

From driving when I surely should not have been to being sexually active without any sort of protections, I have dodged many bullets.

However, I feel like I have not had much luck for the last decade and perhaps this is due to the fact that I used it all up.

As my friend Tommy used to say, “I blew my fun load too early.”

Now I’m living a luckless existence filled with caution.

Lucky me.

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This, I Remember

The other day I was talking with some guy I met and we got into a conversation that led to a do you know this person game?

Well, the person he mentioned I did know.

Usually when this game is played, the person says a name and either you know them and love them, know them and hate them or don’t know them.

I had an usual reaction, well not on the exterior, to the outside world, I said, “Yes, I know him, god guy.”

However, my first thought in my brain was, huge cock.

I remember this guy had a monster dick. I don’t think I ever even hooked up with him, but I definitely saw his dick.

I’m not sure how, those were in my heavy drinking days, but trust me, this guy was like porn star sized. You see something like that and you sober up pretty quickly.

Anyway, it was nice to have him mentioned. I have not thought about this guys in 15 years. It was a great moment to be remembered.

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Wasted Time

There is this guy that I can’t stand and I found out the other day that some other people echo my sentiments.

I’m so annoyed, you mean to tell me we all could have hated him together for months.

What a waste of great bonding slash shit talking time!

By the way, you know this guy is a total scumbag because the two other people who can’t tolerate him are both men.

One of the guys is super mellow. The other guy is just a nice guy who gets along with every single person.

For men like this to turn like this sour really makes me feel justified in my disdain.

I suppose I should focus on the positive. I should not be upset about the time we lost, but rather all the fun times yet to come.


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Does This Make Any Sense?

So there’s this guy that I know that looks a lot like some celebrity.

I’m not even into the actual celebrity by any means.

However, this guy looks so much like the celebrity that part of me is just thinking, you should totally have sex with him.

It’s almost like a vicarious star fucking.

I would actually be more apt to fuck the lookalike than the actual celebrity.

It seems like the more interesting story for later.

I am not quite sure that his makes any sense, but when has that ever stopped me before?

Perhaps, this will be a go.

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Oh Baby

Who would win in a fight?

Dumpster Baby or Anchor Baby

I’m thinking this could be an interesting plot to an Action-Adventure movie.

Don’t judge me, at least it is an original idea and not a remake or a superhero movie.

Personally, I think Dumpster Baby would win and could throw a nice patriotic spin on the plot.

Maybe in a sequel, it could be the winner versus Crack Baby? That’s having high hopes though.

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