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A New Generation of Slut

The other day there was a Homecoming at one of the local colleges which happens to be my alma mater. There were students walking around and I quickly noticed one thing, the girls were all dressed like total sluts.

Now, it’s been a minute since I’ve been in college and we definitely had girls that dressed like sluts, but this new generation of sluts make those girls look like they were wearing reasonable attire.

Now, I love hot, young girls that are scantily clad as much as the next person, but this was a whole other level.

The worst part is that with this new, you can’t fat shame world, some of these ladies were a little too hefty to be rocking slut gear. A tad putrid if you ask me.

The part that makes me laugh is that these same women who are screaming Me Too and Times Up are running around with tits and clits out. Straight up whore.

This is bitch logic at its finest.

Women are retarded.

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I was driving the other day and I say a squirrel that had been hit by car, but it was not dead.

The squirrel was squirming around, it had been severely injured but not killed.

It was a disturbing scene.

I felt bad for the squirrel, I can relate to it. In a different world, I am that squirrel. The symbolism was rather  gripping.

Much like the squirrel, I wish the car would’ve just put me out of my misery.

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My mom thought that Rebel Wilson was Amy Schumer.

This case of mistaken identity was rather amusing.

Quite frankly, I feel like this is more insulting to Rebel.

I told my mom that Rebel Wilson is not Amy Schumer.

She replied, “They’re both fat pigs.”

This answer explains how true genetics really are.


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Wrong Question

There is a guy I work with who is awesome. He is older but super cool, old school, doesn’t give a shit.

He is so knowledgeable, a huge asset and well respected.

However, for some dumb reason people keep asking him when he is retiring.

Why would you do this?

First of all, he rules, they should be begging him to stay.

Second, have you met the man, the more you ask, the less apt he will be to leave. He would stay out of spite and quit on the spot just as an extra special fuck you.

I understand that he is older, but why would you actively try and push out a person who is one of your stronger workers?

This is why Corporate is a joke.

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This Can’t Be Real Life

See the source imageI feel like this can’t possibly be my real life and that perhaps I am in my version of purgatory. It’s almost like the movie Groundhog’s Day. Life just seems monotonous and no matter what I try to do nothing changes. This seems like a version of purgatory. It is torture to the soul.

However, I think that though this may be a version of purgatory for me, it may be a reality to somebody else.

People who seem content and satisfied, for them, this may all be real.

Or perhaps this is all everything thrown into one, that this not a reality for any of us, that it is heaven, hell and purgatory all lumped together in one place and that is why certain people are in more or less fortunate situations. This may be why some areas are war torn and other are relatively peaceful or some have are more developed while other remain in the Third World.

I believe that there is a life lottery, but maybe this is not really life but an after-life.

Whether real or not, whatever this is, for me, it is torment.

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