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They say that the future is female which must be true because all the movies set in the future are all blown out, post-apocalyptic messes.



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Not Fair

The most unjust thing about the Sutherland Spring shooting is that  Devin Kelley won’t go to  hell  because you know,  atheist.

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Is it  Halloween or is it a prefect crime for offing a diabetic you don’t care for?

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It’s in the Genes

Several Days ago it was announced that Bruce, the brother of  Stephen Paddock, the shooter of the Las Vegas Massacre,  was arrested for child pornography and it was super depressing to realize that I was right.  I always knew everybody else had way more fun family get-togethers than me.

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The Best

Some people get angry when you say the  United States really is the greatest country in the world, but we must be, just look at the World Series, I don’t see any other countries in the running for the Pennant.

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