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Work It

Some people say that, “sex work is real work,” but if you’ve ever seen some of the clients, then you know it’s more of a charitable organization.

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The push of dad bod being acceptable is just a slick way of normalizing incest.


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It’s Theft

Why are more people not infuriated by the Venezuelans’ starvation which is nothing more than cultural appropriation of African countries?


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Oh, The Choices

Women should not be allowed to be in charge of reproductive rights. When they are knocked up they say, “my body, my choice” but when they decide to keep it they insist that the man says, “we’re pregnant.” Clearly they can’t make a decision.


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Live Life

I support the strict abortion bans because you can easily discover the whores by their vehement opposition, which allows you to know who you can fuck freely and know that if there’s an accident, you don’t have to worry about it.

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