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Women Ruin Everything

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I assumed by now everybody would stop yakking about Hannah Gadsby and her “Comedy” Special Nanette, but she is somehow still relevant. Perhaps being that I’m old and obsolete, I just don’t understand what is so amazing about this special. I guess I’m just from the olden days when comedy was funny and made you laugh.

At first all this hullabaloo about this Netflix comedy special was confusing. I just thought Tig Notaro let herself go, but then I was enlightened that this is in fact some other person named Hannah Gadsby.

I guess I can’t totally bash the entire special as I refuse to sit through it, but the clips I have seen are awful. She is not funny.

Of course, all these “comedians” are praising it as this masterpiece. Basically they are saying that this is like a next level of comedy, whatever that’s supposed to mean. There is no next level, either you have funny jokes or you don’t. Otherwise you are just doing a one man show and labeling it “comedy.”

This is precisely why people believe women aren’t funny and exactly why it is true.


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Enough of This

See the source imageThe Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis was so boring.

Dom Irrera was the best set and actually funny.

How many times could they pan to his cackling, over the top daughters.

I miss the old Roasts with the Tough Crowd boys.

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That’s Not Helpful

I read the other day that most serial killers are unsuccessful nobodies which made me realize I clearly have not picked the proper carrier path.

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They say that the future is female which must be true because all the movies set in the future are all blown out, post-apocalyptic messes.



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Not Fair

The most unjust thing about the Sutherland Spring shooting is that  Devin Kelley won’t go to  hell  because you know,  atheist.

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