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It’s A given L.A. Law Someone’s Faster On The Draw

Beverly Hill Cop 2 Soundtrack.

Used to love this movie, used to think it was so funny.

Just re-watched it recently and lets just say the comedy held up just as good as Brigitte Nielsen.

But hey, it’s Bob Seger baby!

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Cheese Please!

Today is National Cheeseburger Day!


I wanted to celebrate with some of my heroes from my youth that were staunch supporters of the burger industry.

Wimpy would gladly pay me Tuesday for a hamburger today, but never wanted cheeseburgers.

A rather interesting development.

My theory is that he was lactose intolerant which is rather sad because cheese on a burger makes it so much better.

The Hamburglar was the man though because he robbed McDonaldland blind of any burger he could get his hands on. He was like the Robin Hood I always wanted to be. Steal the burgers and then stuff myself till I was sick.

I salute both of these fine men on National Cheeseburger Day!



Reach Out

Today is Friendship Day.

To celebrate they suggest reaching out to old friends.

Well, I hate all of my old friends, which is why I’m not friends with them any more.

Catch up with some of your current friends.

I would, but they all have busy, thriving lives and I would hate to bother them on a weekend.

Make some new friends.

Though I’m normally extremely introverted and painfully shy and hate meeting people, I intend on seeking out some new pals. Craigslist here I come, worse thing that happens is I meet some creepy duds, best thing that happens is I get violently murdered.




Today is International Hangover Day.

If you are hungover, you clearly have a drinking problem and should seek immediate help.

I hope you enjoy feeling like a sack of shit for the next 24 hours.

As my friend Brenden Walsh told me years ago when I was in a hangover predicament, “You made your bed.”

Wise words from a mess of a man.

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