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What’s That?

Little Ruthy Hackett is in a festive mood, help her celebrate!

Today is Save Your Hearing Day which could also known as Women Shut Your Pie Hole Day.


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Little Ruthy Hackett is at it again.

Would a dandelion be considered the Queen of the Jungle?


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Take Care of That

Little Ruthy Hackett is here with a joyous joke on this wonderful holiday.

Today is Ear Muff Day, but if it is that unruly, you should just wax it.


Pop ‘Til You Drop


It has been a while since Little Ruthy Hackett has been around with one of her zingers, but she’s back.

Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and it’s gonna be poppin’!

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The Year That Is

Free Stock Photo 13133 Festive sparkling 2019 New Year ...Today marks the start of a new year, so what will be different?

  1. I will most likely be dismissed from my Corporate living hell due to what will be deemed an unacceptable outburst.
  2. I will only go to high-end strip clubs on a week day instead of ghetto, gutter trash clubs.
  3.  Impractical Jokers will still be the funniest show on television, but I would imagine their live touring improv show is garbage.
  4. Louis CK will lead comedy to be funny again.
  5. I will have weight fluctuation like I’m Oprah yet again and will end the year larger than desired.
  6. Kendall Jenner will come out and will date some very random celebrity to ensure it is the talk of the town.
  7. The wall is not going to happen.

Guess we will revisit these predictions on December 31, 2019. Let’s see where this roller coaster of insanity will take us.

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