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Hot Dogs Every Day

I remember when my friend Jeff explained to me why guys cheat down, he said, ” You can’t have filet mignon every night, sometimes you want a hot dog.” While this makes perfect sense, why would you be with the hot dog?

A guy I know, who is a really good looking dude, kind of a dick (they all are), good sense of humor, reasonably intelligent, yadda, yadda, yadda, has a girl that is so below his league. I don’t get it. There’s no way she was super hot and just went to average looking. This girl was always average looking. Don’t get me wrong, she is definitely cute and would be a steal for many, but not for him.

So how does this happen? I don’t understand it. I know that as men get older, like post mid-life, they start to care slightly more about then just a woman’s appearance, but young dudes don’t give a shit. For a woman to be with a guy the only have to be pretty and reasonably nice. That’s it. So why would this guy, who is young, be with this plain Jane? It doesn’t make sense.

I want to ask him, but I don’t want to ruin a relationship. I can’t be the person that puts the thought in his head and then it results in a split. I’m just curious. I’m sure she offers something, but what? She does not cook. She does not work. What is going on here?

I guess if you’re going to have hot dogs every day you can always jazz them up with different toppings.

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Take It All Back

I have had multiple conversation with various men of different ages about the current state of women running rampant. They all seem to agree that his has gotten to a point of ridiculousness. To this I say, “Well, why don’t you take shit back?”

Listen, I can’t help men reclaim steering the ship of life, because I’m a woman, they need to do this for themselves, by themselves.

Legit, forums like Reddit only exists because these men have been relegated into anonymous spaces to be able to honestly voice their opinions. Who wants to live like that? Nobody. Well men need to get it together and push back.

Women are getting more out of control and more miserable with every passing day. Why? Biology. Women want a man who is in charge. They want men to be dominant. These retarded women have created an environment where men are  complete sissies. Nobody wants to fuck a pansy, they want somebody with some strength and backbone. So the lack of women finding a suitable mate is causing further dissatisfaction in their lives, though to be fair, they have brought this upon themselves.

Men, it is time to rally and reclaim what is rightfully yours. Start running shit again and shutting down the nonsense of this overbearing movement of squawk box.


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In A Nutshell

A buddy just came back from doing some military service in some shit hole country. He was telling my some stories about how when he was gone some girls from home would hit him up via social media asking him when he would be back. Now this seems like a nice, sweet gesture, until you realize there is only one reason they are contacting him, to get some dick.

Women are always yakking about how they are worth more than their holes, but apparently, as always, they are very wrong. This guy is out fighting in intense military situations, do these bitches ask him how he is doing? Do they ask him if he is okay? Do they ask him anything substantial? No, they ask him when he will be back home so they can get fucked by him.

It’s fine that these women want to be whores and fuck, but then they can’t in the same breath say that they offer anything else besides their orifices. All they offer is selfishness in the form of them getting a deep dicking.

If all you can genuinely provide is pussy that’s fine, but stop coming to the table like you’re this multi-dimensional deep thinker. You’re not some philosophical guru, you’re a cum receptacle. Own it, be true to yourself, enjoy the cum, leave everything else to the men.


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I was talking with a guy who is in his early twenties about this #MeToo nonsense. I was just curious to get his spin on it, since I’m technically old and obsolete. It gave me some small faith in humanity that he also thought it was complete and utter horseshit. He did not use those words, but found it to be ridiculous and absurd.

He then said, “If you don’t know that this is a hashtag symbol it just reads, pound me too.”

How brilliant is that? I told him so.

This proves my point that women are not only insufferable, but mainly retarded. I love that their entire movement can be taken out of context to mean the complete opposite of what these fools are trying to push.

Funny enough, if these dumb slits were being pounded properly, they would most likely be far less venomous and far more content.

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So Which Is It?

Women are truly dimwitted. I am so sick of them and their grand feminist causes that are utterly convoluted.

In one breath they are screaming that they are equal to men and in the next breath they are playing the victim with their hashtag campaign of me too.

The saddest part is they do not see how dumb they look.

Women are not the same as men, perhaps they should look into the scientific findings on this subject matter. Or perhaps the statistics are true that women just are not good with sciences. So if by their logic they are the same as men, then why first and foremost, are they complaining about harassment and second, why are there little to no men crying about unwanted sexual advances? (The few that have seem to be straight men that were actually touched by gay men, I have yet to hear of one complain about a woman.)

Lets be honest, there is one reason why women are complaining about sexual harassment, I’m strictly referencing the people who said things, not the ones who did anything physical, those people are scumbags. This is because they thought the man was unattractive. If a guy they were into said these things they would be flattered.

What women need to realize is that for men it is a numbers game. They have to at least try because eventually some woman will respond. This is getting more difficult for men with all these screaming nonsensical banshees. Let them try, they are built for rejection, unlike women. Just tell them to fuck off if you aren’t interested, you’re allegedly tough like men.

Even the Louis CK scenario is ridiculous, they could’ve left the room, they could’ve said don’t masturbate in front of me, heck, aren’t they comedians, why not make fun of him the entire time? I mean the man asked for consent and you agreed. If this is the precedent, then will what is consensual today be non-consensual tomorrow? Or is this only for bringing down established people. Trust me, I’m no fan of Louis CK, I find his selling out more despicable then his fap habits.

I have always said that all men are assholes and all women are crazy, they all just have different levels of asshole and crazy. Once again, I am proven correct.

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