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There’s a guy that I think is a good looking dude. I was looking at pictures of him that were recent and then saw some that were from a few years ago. There it was, clear as day, this dude shapes his eyebrows.

That’s it, I’m tapped out. I get that guys are all about dainty grooming since the movie version of American Psycho came out and I get it to a certain extent. However, I like my guys to look like guys. I’m not saying unkempt and disheveled, but if you’re going into a salon to get your eyebrows threaded or waxed, I’m not feeling it.

The only area that I don’t fault a guy for maintaining are his private parts. It only makes sense. You can’t give oral to a dude while all hair is breaking loose, it’s like Bedlam! There needs to be organization.

I feel like eyebrow maintenance is just a little bit extra for me, as the kids say.

Only exception is a uni brow, as my boy from high school Jeff uttered, “Bic it.”

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Yakkity Yak

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I’ve discussed how loathsome I find gym couples, but there is a couple that I wanted to murder the other day.

They are actually both pretty good looking, nice fit bodies, so-so faces, but boy does this guy need to learn to put his girl in check.

There I was on the elliptical machine, minding my own bees wax when the couple gets up on the completely empty aside from me cardio deck and for some reason, just has to use the elliptical machine directly in front of me.

Fine, whatever.

Then the girl proceeds to just keep talking and talking and talking.

It was loud enough that I could hear her through the music in my ear buds (Ariana Grande, for those who are dying to know.)

I don’t play my music crazy loud, but shit I could still hear her.

Meanwhile, I can partially see the guy’s face and he is completely not paying attention to her, but she just keeps on yakking.

Why should I suffer? Just because he has mastered to tune out her voice frequency does not mean others have. Why should we listen to this noise pollution?

He needed to just tell her to shut up, but nope, he just let her run her yap.

This is the type of thing that encourages me not to go to the gym.

I detest gym couples.

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The Sweet Smell of Revenge

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All these women keep talking about getting a “revenge body” after they have been dumped. Once again, I just do not understand females for the life of me.

What is the point of a revenge body? The guy you were with does not want to be with you for a single second longer. He has gotten rid of you. Why would you think looking better after the fact would make him want you back or jealous? Why were you not trying to look your best when you were with him?

Quite frankly, it would make more sense to get revenge by wishing horrible things on the guy. Wouldn’t you want him to suffer? Isn’t that what revenge is? That is far more reasonable then thinking getting “hotter” would somehow be a spiteful thing.

Guys care to a certain extent about physicality, but once they are over fucking you, they don’t care. It’s a been there, done that mentality. They would more likely rather fuck a girl who was less attractive then you, merely based on the fact that she is new pussy.

Only women would come up with a silly concept like a revenge body. If you really want revenge, you have to do something far more malicious.

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Giving It Up

Instagram just got a new, colorful logo

Couples love to post pictures of themselves on social media. I get women wanting to do this because they are mainly dumb, vain bores who like to brag about their pathetic existences.

However, I have noticed that men are posting pictures of them with their chicks as well.

First of all, I detest social media, but pretty much it was designed for women and gay guys.

Second, straight men that use it come off as a little bit gay.

Lastly, why as a man would you post pictures with your girl? How are you going to put your shit out there? Do guys not cheat anymore? Or do women just not care if they are hooking up with somebody taken anymore?

It just seems if you’re a guy and you’re doing this, you are kind of cock blocking yourself.

In my day, guys made cheating an art. They were slick as fuck. I know one dude who had serious girlfriends that did not know about each other for like two years and still fucked other bitches on the side. Scumbaggy as it my be, you have to be impressed with the technique. He would never have been able to accomplish such a thing in 2018.

It’s sad really, I guess it is just another dying art form.

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Baby, Baby, Baby

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Radio stations are banning the Christmas song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

This is because of the psychotic Me Too movement.

They say the lyrics are antiquated. Basically, a guy is trying to get a girl to stay over and she’s saying no because people will think she’s a whore.

So what’s wrong with that? Spending the night is whorey. Who cares?

It’s a song. God forbid women are raised thinking that being is slut is not all it’s cracked up to be.

I hate women, they ruin everything.


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