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Press Your Luck

Do you think that we are all allotted a certain amount of luck for our lifetimes?

If this is the case, I am in big trouble.

I know a lot of things are within a person’s own control, but there is always an element of luck, like being in the right place at the right time.

I am pretty sure I have squandered all my luck for this lifetime.

It all got used up on stupid things, mainly in my twenties.

From driving when I surely should not have been to being sexually active without any sort of protections, I have dodged many bullets.

However, I feel like I have not had much luck for the last decade and perhaps this is due to the fact that I used it all up.

As my friend Tommy used to say, “I blew my fun load too early.”

Now I’m living a luckless existence filled with caution.

Lucky me.

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The Old Maid: Part Three

The Old Maid lived in the past. She could not let go of things. She refused to move on. Her lack of willingness to let anything go resulted in her living in her own miserable existence. The saddest part, was that she thought she was right. She saw everything in black and white, no shades of grey. It was like dealing with a small child. She could never excuse another person’s error. However, she would never take ownership of her own  mistakes. If you ever tried to help her or do something for her that was not to her ridiculous standards, she would vengefully lash out at you. She was a narcissist, but refused to see it. Her incessant need to always be right and think she was above others was another reason she was all alone.

Although not a single soul could deal with her antics and dreaded ever having to associate with her, they had one thing that could bring them comfort. They all knew at the end of the day, she would be alone. The sad, pathetic, forgotten Old Maid. It was all very Eleanor Rigby, only no one felt bad about her. She deserved all the misery that was sent her way. She thought she was ruining the lives of others with her madness and hysteria, but she only ruined her own. This was the satisfaction that all around her saw and knew. She did not exist beyond her hostile being. She would be one of the people who just disappears. She would be invisible.

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The Old Maid: Part Two

A little bit of backstory on the Old Maid. She did have a serious relationship decades ago. They were together for many years. They lived together. This was the one she thought she would be with forever. She was in love with him. He was a police officer. As we all know, cops are notorious cheaters. Not all cops, but many of them are known for their infidelity. That is why it was almost amusing that it came to such a shock to her that he was cheating on her. Of course, it was with a far better model, as they say. When she found out about his unfaithfulness it was devastating. Since this time she never had another relationship because she had trust issues. She played the victim card years later. Although it is an upsetting and unsettling event, this is something she could never bounce back from which really showed how hapless she really was. She was always awful, but this was the tipping point that created the monster that was the Old Maid.

This life event showed how weak her character truly was. Since she lacked toughness, she pretended as if she had it by ruining other people’s days from that point on. Most people would call her a cunt. Of course this word can be used flippantly, but people really whole-heartedly meant it when they referred to her. Her negative energy and toxicity were unparalleled. The origin story of her evilness does not really compensate for her level of madness. She was blindly horrible to all she would encounter. She was a disgusting display of womanhood. This was precisely why she was the Old Maid.

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