Hang It Up

What is going on with people going into public restrooms while talking on their cell phones?

It’s not just gross, it’s totally rude.

Are there no rules of etiquette left in this society?

The other day, I’m in a public restroom and this lady comes in yammering away on her phone.

Nobody wants to hear your conversation.

She continues to go into her stall and jabber on.

Meanwhile, the bathroom had three stalls which were all being used at this point.

I finished and just kept flushing the toilet repeatedly to be obnoxious back.

A few questions here: one, is the call that important that you can’t hang up?

Two, can’t the person on the other line hear the flushing, the urinating, the whatever is going on?

Three, do you have no regard for yourself by broadcasting your inane life?

Four, do you realize the particles flying in the air from using the bathroom are all over your phone and now you are spreading them everywhere because there is no way you are properly washing your hands if you are attached to your phone?

I don’t get people.

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