Maybe Money Does Grow On Trees

About twenty years ago I was walking down what at the time was considered a very posh area of a city.

I was young at the time.

There was this girl walking a bit in front of me who was maybe slightly older than me.

She was trying to put money back into her wallet when one of the bills flew out of her hands and behind her.

She turned around to try and get the money, as anybody would do, but realized she would have to do a bit of a jaunt to reclaim this cash.

So she just shrugged and continued walking in her original direction.

Since I was slightly behind her, I picked up the bill easily.

It was a twenty dollar bill.

I was going to flag her down but then I thought, why?

She tried, she gave up. If I drop a penny I’m reaching to get it. Obviously this lady is in no dire straits if she can part with a twenty like it was nothing.

I thought she must be extra level rich if she had no cares that she just knowingly lost this money and just brushed it off.

I still can’t imagine having that much money that you don’t care about dropping a twenty.

I used it to buy several packs of cigarettes. (At the time, tobacco prices were not outlandish.)

I wonder what happened to that girl. I’m sure she is still wealthy, but imagine what it would be like if she befell some sort of Schitt’s Creek scenario of clipping coupons and budgeting.

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