You’re Drippin’

I understand that when using a public restroom there is always a great chance of coming across something extremely vile.

The other day, I stumbled upon something I had yet to encounter.

There were stains down the front of the toilet bowl that were from period blood, like fallen tear drops.

Getting beyond the initial disgust, the question remains how does this even occur?

Was the lady gushing like an open fire hydrant?

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Menstruation is revolting in and of itself, but for a bleeding out of that extent to occur seems supernatural.

The other puzzling issue is how did this pig person not clean it up?

This entitled slob left this stain for some poor person who is already in a thankless job to have to remove this nauseating mark.

I have been in many public restrooms that have been less than desirable, but this perplexing and breathtakingly offensive display is in the top three of horrible bathroom experiences.

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