They Just Don’t Listen

Why do girls continue to give their girl friends advice or opinions on the guys they are with? The friend never listens.

I can’t count how many times I’ve listened to a girl talk shit about the guy she is with. When I actually gave her my opinion, she would not only not listen, but completely ignore me.

Girls just have to stop giving advice on this topic because it is a waste of breathe. Your girl friends will stay with the guy until they decide to split, if that ever happens.

It’s sad to say, but it is a fact.

Look at Eva Braun, don’t you think she had some meddlesome, nosy, busybody friends to trash Hitler?

I’m sure Eva had some nice complaints, hello, the alleged tiny dick size is always a critique of the venting girlfriend and being obsessed with world domination probably put some strain on her getting less attention.

I’m sure her friends were like, “Hitler is kind of out of control. He’s not really a nice guy. He’s literally Hitler.”

However, she was a ride or die bitch. She did not listen.

If friends couldn’t talk Braun out of being with Hitler, do you really think you have a shot of getting one of your girls to ditch their bum bitch man?

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