Social Media Killed the Movie Star

I think social media is stupid, but the one thing it has managed to do, which I love, is expose celebrities.

Thanks to the fact that famous people don’t get how to use social media plus their complete accessibility, resulted in the unmasking of just how vapid they are.

I don’t really understand the obsession with Hollywood. From the start, it has been a cesspool of degenerates that were able to cover up their wrongdoings through crazy tough public relations people, buy offs and the public’s inability to contact them directly. (Though admittedly, they have made some great art.)

Well, thanks to social media, there is direct contact and the celebrities are not equipped to handle it. The publicists must hate their people using social media. Back in the day it was nice cookie cutter press releases, now it is just a shit storm waiting to happen.

Any illusions of mystery and celebrities living glamorous lives really fell apart.

It exposes just how vacuous and uninteresting these people truly are.

This is probably why these Gen Z kids don’t give a shit about movie stars and are far more into YouTube and TikTok celebrities.

Andy Warhol was correct with his future filled with fifteen minutes of fame for everyone. Now that this has come to fruition, maybe the new prediction will be we all become nameless nobodies that live normal lives as we did before the technological revolution.

Until then, let the demise of celebrity continue by their own social media handles.

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