That Seems Like A Lot

I was trying to make plans with a guy I’m friends with and he said he couldn’t go with me because his girlfriend would “castrate” him.

So I sort of understand this, but at the same time I don’t.

I understand that if you’re in a relationship that there is the perception problem. It’s bad optics if your man is out with another girl or vice versa.

However, I’ve known this guy for like 15 years.

At this juncture I  would have already fucked him if I wanted to, I haven’t.

If I was trying to be serious with him I would have already made a play. No interest.

So obviously there is nothing sexual going on, so do my years of friendship get negated simply because I have a pussy?

If I had a dick I could chill with him to my heart’s content? What if I identify as having a cock, do I get a pass?

I’m also sort of annoyed that he can’t tell her there’s nothing to be worried about. Why is he with somebody so psycho?

I’m old, washed up and obsolete which basically means everybody I know is married or in a relationship. So now I can’t hang out with them?

Or even worse, only see them if they are with their significant other.

I can’t make new friends. I’m only with my old friends because they’ve been grandfathered into my life at this point.

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